General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Corinthos Fears The Worst – What Will Nina Do Next

General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will wonder what Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) will do next in upcoming episodes of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Nina Reeves Showed Up At Sonny Corinthos’ Memorial Service

General Hospital viewers will remember that Nina showed up at Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) memorial service, and laid into Carly and Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) about what the two of them did to her daughter! Nina of course was referring to Nelle Benson, (Chloe Lanier) who she just found out recently was the long-lost daughter she had been trying to find.

The proof came when Avery Corinthos-Jerome (Ava and Grace Scarola) revealed she found her “lucky charm” necklace in the woods in the clearing not far from the Corinthos cabin was, and where Carly and Nelle had struggled, Nelle later falling off a cliff, Carly not being able to hang on to her and bring her to safety. Jax had come up with a cover story so that Carly wouldn’t be implicated in Nelle’s death, since she had motive and opportunity. The two necklaces were a match, and Nina had already verified with Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy) that she had been paid to drive Nina’s newborn to Florida, where she met the people who were going to adopt her.

Nina then verified with Phyllis that it was Frank Benson (James Patrick Stuart in the Nelle-centric episode) from photos she had found of him who was in the car the adoptive parents were driving. Now Nina has legally obtained a warrant for Wiley Corinthos’ (Erik and Theodore Olson) DNA to ensure in spite of all that Nelle is her daughter, and Carly worries what is next!

General Hospital Spoilers – Carly Corinthos Knows About Nina Reeves’ Past And That The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Carly Corinthos remembers all too well that Nina hasn’t always been the upstanding, strong-appearing businesswoman she is now as the owner of Crimson Magazine. She remembers back when Avery was born and how she was born. Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) had been Nina’s husband, Silas Clay’s (Michael Easton) lover, and Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) had been born close to the same time period that Nina’s baby was.

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Corinthos Fears The Worst - What Will Nina Do Next

That set up a years-long rivalry between them, and Nina went off the deep end and put Ava into labor and took Avery and ran with her to Canada! Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) had gone with her and Avery was eventually rescued, while Nina went in Shadybrook and Franco with her to protect her from his crazy mother, Heather Webber (Robin Mattsson)! She is very worried that Nina might try to kidnap Wiley, even though Jax doesn’t think that would happen. He has been involved with Nina for well over a year and hasn’t seen her one bit unstable, if misguided once in a while.

Jax didn’t know Nina back then and Carly thinks with Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) having done insane things, and Nina having done insane things, and Nelle having done insane things that the apples didn’t fall far from the trees! Nina, grieving and angry that the daughter she had longed for is already dead, of course will want to claim Wiley as her grandson – and Carly will stop at nothing to prevent it! She knows Nina would pose a danger to Wiley because of her family history and genetics!

Stay tuned to General Hospital and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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