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General Hospital Spoilers: Brad and Lucas Need To Move On, Path To Reconciliation Is Over?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that in Port Charles, NY Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) may return to Pentonville sooner rather than later. As viewers know, Brad was beaten while in custody by Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) men. Cyrus had recently decided to protect Julian Jerome (William Devry) and part of that protection was to tie up any loose ends. Since Brad was aware that Julian knew about the Wiley Corinthos (Erik & Theo Olson) baby swap, Cyrus decided that he needed to be taken out.

General Hospital Spoilers – Brad Cooper has a champion in Britt Westbourne!

Luckily for Brad, he was taken to General Hospital where his best friend Dr. Britt Westbourne had recently been named Chief of Staff. Britt worked tirelessly to save Brad’s life and in the end she was successful! But Brad was still worried that Cyrus’ men would come after him again, so Britt made a deal with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) to keep Brad safe. She also implored Brad’s ex-husband, Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau), to visit Brad.

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper were torn apart by Brad’s lies!

In the aftermath of the baby swap, Brad and Lucas got divorced. Lucas had lost not only his, but Brad as well. Brad didn’t want Lucas to suffer yet another loss, so he kept quiet about Julian’s involvement. Although Julian was Lucas’ father, the two had a rocky relationship at best. They got past Julian’s disapproval of Lucas being gay but one thing or another kept them from being close. But now that Julian is dead, is there anything left to say between Brad and Lucas?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brad and Lucas Need To Move On, Path To Reconciliation Is Over?

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper say goodbye – for good?

When Lucas visited Brad after the beating, it was all Lucas could do to look at Brad. Lucas obviously was conflicted. He hated to see Brad with such terrible injuries, but he couldn’t just forget all the lies Brad had told. Of course, Lucas still had no idea that Brad had been trying to keep Lucas from finding out about his own father’s betrayal. Perhaps these two need one last conversation to finally clear the air between them, so Lucas can move on. Lucas has thrown himself into his work, and really hasn’t let himself heal from all the losses he has suffered. Perhaps one last talk with his ex would help him move past everything.

General Hospital Spoilers – What do you think?

Does Lucas still care for Brad deep down? Even though a reconciliation between them seems unlikely, do they still need to clear the air. Can Lucas let the past go so that he can move on? Anything can happen in Port Charles, so stay tuned to General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

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