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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina & Willow Showdown, Drive Permanent Wedge Between Mom and Daughter

General Hospital spoilers and updates reveals Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) has bent over backward to accommodate Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). However, a showdown is approaching that could end in irreparable differences. Will Nina and Willow turn out to be mother and daughter after this?

General Hospital – Nina Reeves Continues To Antagonize Michael Corinthos’ Family

General Hospital’s Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) allowed Nina to visit her grandson Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver). However, Nina chose to blow it by telling Wiley that Willow was not his mother. Michael and Willow were furious and cut Nina off from her grandson, the biological child of her daughter Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier).

Nelle died from a fall off a cliff and Willow adopted Wiley. Willow is the only mother that Wiley has ever known. Nelle gave Wiley to Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) at birth to keep him from Michael. Michael was later blackmailed into letting Nina see Wiley again only for Nina to keep Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) from his family. Now Nina has slept with Sonny making matters much worse.

General Hospital – Willow Tait Is Tired Of Holding Back

General Hospital’s Willow has been nice to Nina too long and that is about to come to an end. Willow tried to look past Nina keeping Sonny from his family even though she had to testify at the hearing. Knowing what Nina had done led to the separation of Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Willow has no idea about Sonny and Nina’s tryst on the Haunted Starr. When Willow learns that Nina slept with Sonny it will be no holds barred.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina & Willow Showdown, Drive Permanent Wedge Between Mom and Daughter

General Hospital – Rumors About Nina’s Daughter Could Be True

General Hospital rumors have suggested since their first meeting that Willow and Nina were mother and daughter. Nelle may have had the half heart necklace but there is no guarantee where she got it. Nelle could have accumulated that necklace anywhere. That necklace has really nothing to do with Nelle’s parentage at all.

It is unlikely that Nelle and Willow were twins, but Willow’s missing birth certificate could lead things in that direction. Let’s look at the facts, Madeline Reeves (ex-Donna Mills) did not want Nina’s child found at all. What better way to get rid of that child than to lose her in a cult? Willow is far more likely to be Nina’s child than Nelle ever was.

Will Willow’s search for her birth certificate lead to the realization that she was given away by her grandmother? Could a DNA test come up with a match to Nina after all?

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  1. Lee says

    I Hope NINA Ruins Every Chance Of Ever Having A Mother Daughter Relationship With WILLOW, TATE For The Rotten Things NINA Did To WILLOW In The Past, She’d Was So Mean To WILLOW When NINA Was Dating VALENTIN CASSADINE, NINA Does Not Deserve To Be WILLOW’S MOM. But The Best Thing Is She Is In No Way WILEY CORRINTHOS Grandmother & Has No Ties & Doesn’t Get To Have Visits With The Little Boy, She’s Out Which Will Make CARLY So Happy, The Rotten Person Who Cheated With
    SONN6 Doesn’t Get To Be CARLY’S
    Grandson WILEY’S Grandmother, YEA! MICHAEL Will Be Relievef
    As Well, But Having NINA As A
    Potential Mother-Inlaw If WILLOW
    & MICHAEL Ever Tie The Knot, But Maybe If WILLOW Disowns NINA
    Which Will Be What NINA DESERVES.

    1. CarlottaFulkerson says

      I agree with you about Nina. She don’t deserve to be the grandmother of Michael’s son or anyone else. But what if Michael isn’t the father. There has been so many times dna and birth certificates have been changed. Nelle was such an evil person. But Willow needs to know the truth about everything. If by any chance Willow and Nelle are sisters it would be hard to know who the real Mom is to Michael’s son, if he is Michael’s. So here goes months of twisted tales.

  2. Cheyenne says

    Nina and Willow need to get DNA test done and also have Wiley have one to. Hope Willow is the daughter of Nina

    1. CarlottaFulkerson says

      Nina shouldn’t be wished on anyone. She needs to get her own life together and quit hurting everyone in her path.

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