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General Hospital Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna On The Future of Sante

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam McCall and Dante Falconeri growing even closer when he returns from Switzerland and his Peter August mission.

General Hospital Spoilers: A Long Time Till I Love You

It took Dante nearly getting killed by the dastardly Peter August (Wes Ramsey) in his prison van escape for Sam (Kelly Monaco) to finally admit that she is in love with Dante. Of course, she blurted it out of her mouth with her ex standing there and doesn’t seem to realize how much she hurt Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). Still, that slow burn for Sante has been going on for nearly a year and now they seem to be an official couple.

That doesn’t mean others can’t get in the way, including Dante’s ex-wife Lulu Spencer Falconeri (last played by Emme Rylan). She’s been in a coma for quite a while now and it’s only a matter of time until she wakes. When Lulu passed out and never woke again, she was trying to tell Dante she was still in love with him and wanted him back but never got a chance. So, Dante thinks she is in a coma and will want another life if she ever wakes up. That means he has gone on with life, putting Dominic Zamprogna in his first new pairing in years. (We won’t count his affair with Valerie Spencer, then played by Brytni Sarpy.)

Dominic Zamprogna Hopes For Fan Support

Dominic Zamprogna is aware how hard it is for fans to accept new pairings, especially when they were in mega-popular pairings before.

 General Hospital Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna On The Future of Sante

“I know it’s a bit of a challenge for fans to see [new pairings]. But I think we might be winning some of them over. Fans fell hard for Dante and Lulu. I imagine it’s an even more intense experience for ‘JaSam’ fans,” Zamprogna told TV Insider. “I know it’s a challenge. It’s new. In real life, people might say they don’t like someone who is dating a friend of theirs but that’s because of how their friend is being treated.”

Still, he is enjoying something brand new after being on and off the show for so many years as just the guy who was supposed to be meant for Lulu.

“Kelly [Monaco, Sam] and I were talking about Sam and Dante. I love that it’s not what Dante and Lulu were. You’ve got a contrarian dynamic between Sam and Dante. He’s a cop. She’s an ex-con/private eye. This is new territory for both of them,” he said. “It’s making some interesting stuff to play. We didn’t rush the “I love yous” with each other. They came out over time. I think more and more people are wanting to see where they could go.”

  1. Soapfanabcgh1 says

    The orignal actor who plays the part of a great character and himself is the one and if you change him that you don’t say you will bring back some one unless he is the one ,is just a hurting trick .soaps have done for years . Sorry but in gh has had a few Carly got lucky .
    And in gh had a great actor who was the heart of nickolas when frist made and now has ripped it apart and re made in to a different person that is not the nickolas a shame . Because it’s the actor and the character as change and is not liked. Just like the frist lady Nina was tough and beautiful,smart bad,good.but then you bring in a lady is wishing washing and is undecided and is ruin8ng this person character a shame

    so if you say you bring back,Nathan of gh bring back original .
    There is only one sonny,one Jason,

    I been watching gh since the 80ls and watch all my children since the 70’s
    And one life to live
    And where the great actor who invented Todd and then he came as Franco and this new character and he is so good I hope they do something great and he gets some one ☝️
    Thank you abc so don’t start screwing up because us fans don’t want to choose
    So straight up I enjoy and be happy so thank you

  2. MissAster says

    As long as you stop with the whinny never happy sam I don’t care who you put her with. Love Dante though and he needs more of a story because the actor is so good and natural.
    In my opinion now that Peter is finally!! gone
    (I hope) if you bring anyone else on the show it needs to be original actors not a bunch of new characters or actors. The writers need to watch old episodes to learn the dynamics . Surely you could see how great it was when Tracy was back . Need Jason back and Brenda ( over Nina!) And Valentine where is he ! And Lucky , would prefer Jonathan Jackson of course .
    Once again , just my opinion as a long time watcher. You didn’t ask for it but you should !!! Just saying

  3. Kaktire Dansinger says

    Danre needs to be with Lulu, Sam needs to be with he daughters father

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