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General Hospital Spoilers: Are GH Writers Pretending Carly/Reese Never Came to Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers: Are GH Writers Pretending Carly/Reese Never Came to Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers and updates reveals Carly Cortinthos (Laura Wright) has been walking down memory lane in Jacksonville, Florida, and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has been right by her side. Recently, we saw her take Drew to her old high school and describe in detail the events that led up to the alleged death of her friend-turned-worst-enemy, Reese Marshall (Kari Wuhrer) — formerly known as Charlotte “Carly” Roberts. Yes, this was the original Carly that Ms. Corinthos adopted the nickname from.

But Carly’s story with Reese didn’t stop that day. She would return years later, showing up in Port Charles of all places, and she was intent to settle the score. Spending nearly a year chasing after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), longtime fans aren’t likely to forget this storyline already played out with Reese dying in the end. However, with Carly embarking on such deep reflection into her past and leaving out these key parts of it that happened later in Port Charles, it leads us to believe the GH writers may be planning to pretend that never happened. Will that ask be too big for fans to accept?

General Hospital Spoilers — Reese Marshall: Revisited

Here’s the skinny for fans who might not have been watching GH some 17 years ago. Yes, Reese’s car really was demolished in an accident in Jacksonville during Carly’s high school years. She carried that trauma — and that of sleeping with Reese’s father — with her for years. In 2005, the original Carly came to Port Charles with a freshly designed face and called herself Reese Marshall. An FBI agent, she was there to assist in locating Sonny’s kidnapped daughter, Kristina Davis (Lexi Ainsworth). Through a series of unfortunate events — which of course involved Reese and Sonny cozying up to one another — Reese was outed and everyone knew she was really Carly Roberts with a new face. The storyline wrapped up with Reese dying after being injured in a train crash.

GH Spoilers Indicates Carly is Far From at Peace

After Reese’s death in 2005, and given all she had put Carly and her family through, Carly should be at peace. Sure, the memory of what she thought was Reese’s death that day after school might always stick with her, but it wouldn’t be how the story ended. Given that Reese and Carly shared many unpleasant memories years later, Carly would likely have strong opinions about who Reese turned out to be, rather than the remorseful appearance writers have given her now.

General Hospital Spoilers: Are GH Writers Pretending Carly/Reese Never Came to Port Charles?

All that being said, Carly is normally a confident and strong character, but it’s clear the writers needed to show a softer and somewhat weakened side of her to let the uber-soft Drew come to her emotional aid. Perhaps the guilt over what she did to Reese’s family opened the door for that.

General Hospital Spoilers — Reese May Be Making a Comeback, Again

Of course, this also opens the door to a potential new “Carly Roberts isn’t dead” storyline. Are fans here for it? That remains to be seen. We know Drew is, and we can surmise Kari Wuhrer — who originally filled the role — likely isn’t. Wuhrer sued GH in 2006 claiming they killed her off because she got pregnant. While the case was resolved later that year, it’s unlikely she’s going to be asked to return to the GH set.

Do you think fans will support rewriting GH history? Will acceptance of this revision open the door to new opportunities to do the same for other characters? This could be a slippery slope. Let us know your thoughts, and keep checking in for more GH updates, news, and spoilers headed your way.

  1. LBC says

    So tired of rewrites resulting in no potential of an exciting conclusion.

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