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General Hospital News Update: Kirsten Storms Sued After Ex-Boyfriend Skips Bail!

ABC General Hospital spoilers tease that Kirsten Storms has been sued! It turns out her boyfriend skipped bail, and that’s the reason for the lawsuit.

The Boyfriend In Question Appears To Have Been Between Brandon Barash And Elias Paul Reidy

The ex-boyfriend, John Farrow, appears to have been involved with Kirsten somewhere between her divorce from Brandon Barash and Elias Paul Reidy. Brandon, the father of their daughter Harper Rose Barash and she divorced in 2016. The first photo and mention of Reidy appear on her Instagram account in 2018. If there ever were any mentions or photos of Farrow, they were deleted. The lawsuit stems from incidents in August 2017 where Kirsten helped him with a bond.

She did not post the bond at that time but agreed to pay it if he skipped town-which he apparently did. He didn’t show up for a court appearance a month later but has since been arrested on a drug charge. That case is still ongoing. She is being sued by American Contractors Indemnity. This is apparently the parent company of Always Bail Bonds who posted the bond. Obviously, they can’t get the money from Farrow, who apparently is in jail awaiting trial for the drug charge. So they have gone after Kirsten for the money, totaling $30,000. According to TMZ, who obtained a copy, Kirsten was shown on the bond application as more than just a girlfriend – she was also his landlord.

General Hospital News Update: Kirsten Storms Sued After Ex-Boyfriend Skips Bail!

Money, Money, Money – It’s All About The Money!

It is unclear if Kirsten has any sort of relationship at all with Farrow currently. It stands to reason that if she was his landlord, she is no longer. He is now a guest of a jail somewhere, since usually if someone has skipped bond before, the bond is not allowed. The bond company doesn’t care who they get the money from as long as they get it! They tacked a few hundred bucks in fees onto the $30,000 price tag. Interestingly enough, the name John Farrow happens to also belong to a person involved with show business.

He was the actress Mia Farrow’s father, and her brother is named John. That John Farrow, John-Villers Farrow had some pretty infamous crimes attributed to him back in the day! It is not known if they are related. However, usually a bond that high does not indicate a petty crime, shoplifting, for instance. It sounds like the former boyfriend has done some pretty serious stuff. Kirsten herself has not commented publicly about the lawsuit. Apparently the story broke because of some intrepid reporter scouring public records! Ironically, although Kirsten isn’t known for dating bad boys, Kirsten’s alter ego, Maxie has dated a few bad boys on GH!

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  1. Patricia says

    I hope Kristen gets her life together. She needs to stay away from peple involved with drugs. Absolutely love her.

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