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General Hospital Maurice Benard Retirement Rumors – Is GH Vet Considering Stepping Away From Port Charles

General Hospital Maurice Benard Retirement Rumors - Is GH Vet Considering Stepping Away From Port Charles

For nearly three decades, Maurice Benard has been a cornerstone of General Hospital, captivating audiences as the iconic Sonny Corinthos. However, recent comments by the actor suggest he might be contemplating a farewell to the long-running soap opera. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this potential exit and what it could mean for the future of Sonny Corinthos.

A Long and Illustrious Career

Benard joined General Hospital in 1993 and has since become synonymous with the character of Sonny. He has navigated mob drama, heartbreaking loss, and passionate love stories, solidifying his place as a fan favorite. His dedication to the role has garnered him numerous awards and solidified his legacy in the world of daytime television.

Waves of Happiness

In a recent interview, Benard revealed feeling conflicted about his future on GH. While expressing current enjoyment of the role, he acknowledged periods of dissatisfaction, highlighting the demanding nature of portraying the same character for such a long time.

A Life Beyond Port Charles

Benard has hinted at exploring other avenues. His successful YouTube channel, “State of Mind,” allows him to connect with fans on a different level and delve into topics beyond acting. This passion for content creation might be a driving force behind his potential departure from General Hospital.

General Hospital Maurice Benard Retirement Rumors - Is GH Vet Considering Stepping Away From Port Charles

An Uncertain Future for Sonny

If Benard decides to step away, it leaves the fate of Sonny Corinthos hanging in the balance. The writers would have to decide how to write the character out, whether through a dramatic exit or a more open-ended farewell that allows for a potential return.

A Legacy Secured

Regardless of his decision, Maurice Benard’s impact on the ABC soap is undeniable. He has breathed life into Sonny Corinthos, making him a pop culture icon and a cherished part of the soap opera’s history.

Fan Speculation and Waiting for Answers

News of Benard’s contemplation has sparked a firestorm of fan theories. Will Sonny ride off into the sunset? Could there be a recast?

Only time, and perhaps official announcements from the actor or showrunners, will reveal the future of Sonny Corinthos and Maurice Benard’s time in Port Charles. One thing remains certain: General Hospital fans will be eagerly waiting to see how this story unfolds.

  1. Diane+O says

    If he is leaving I will cry my eyes out all day. He has gotten better looking with age just like fine wine. Hope it isn’t true but if it is he will bring nothing but good to what ever he does. I wish him the best

  2. Linda A says

    If Maurice Benard was to retire maybe, they could get Mario Lopez to step into the role, I think he would make a great choice.

  3. Louh says

    I think if Sonny want to retire, he needs to go live on his island with Nina or another love and not be killed off. He could give the business to Jason so he can keep drug dealers out of Port Charles. Then Sonny could pop in once in a while and visit.. Sonny could never be replaced, there is only one Sonny.

  4. DH says

    I agree with Lauh 100%. I understand wanting to retire but I hope he doesn’t. No recast could do the roll.

  5. Joslyn says

    Hopefully sonny stays…a few more yrs at least…Hang in there for your fans…PLEASE

  6. Rena says

    If Sonny leaves I will be so upset,but I love Sonny and Jason ! Please don’t retire yet😞

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