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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Willow Won’t Make It To Her Vows — And Michael Desperate To Bring Her Back

General Hospital: Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)

General Hospital spoilers reveal Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) is going to collapse on her wedding day with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Understandably, Willow wants to marry Michael while she’s still able to, and everyone knows the writing is on the wall. Without Liesl Obrecht’s (Kathleen Gati) bone marrow, Willow is going to die — and soon. The commotion of wedding planning is going to take its toll on Willow, who should be resting, but the people who love her don’t have it in them to tell her to sit this one out. After all, it’s pretty much her final wish and the last thing she’ll celebrate with her family in this lifetime. Still, as the days wear on and the wedding plans take shape, Willow is going to wear thin and grow weaker. When things reach a climax on her wedding day, it may be too late to intervene.

General Hospital Spoilers — No One Has The Heart To Tell Willow To Slow Down

Willow is over the moon with excitement for her wedding day to Michael. She has wanted to marry him — again — for a long time now. This time, it’s for the right reasons. Although they know their time together is likely to be cut short soon, this one special day is what they both need right now to memorialize their love forever. Sharing the day with their families will make it all that much more special. However, Willow is really pushing her own limits in preparing for the big day, and everyone is going to be concerned that she’s trying a little too hard to make it oh-so-perfect. But Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) won’t have the heart to tell her to back off or settle for less than what she hopes the day will be.

General Hospital: Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell

General Hospital Updates – Hint Michael Corthinthos And Nina Reeves Butt Heads

Willow has convinced Michael to extend a wedding invitation to his father, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), but that doesn’t mean either of them wants Willow’s birth mother in attendance. Although they’ve been cordial to one another, and Liesl being Willow’s would-be donor opened the lines of communication, Willow doesn’t want that day overshadowed by Nina making it all about her. So when Nina decides to be Sonny’s plus-one, Michael is going to have a big problem with it — and he won’t hesitate to call her out.

Willow Tait  Is Weak

Willow is so fragile right now — physically and emotionally. She needs more time with her family, and she wants this day to be everything she and Michael imagined and more. Can they really pull it all together in just one day — which is more like two weeks in GH world? As Willow’s health continues to decline, it’s going to put her in serious jeopardy when the big day arrives. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to see if she can make it through to say I Do.

  1. Barbara says

    Well if Willow dies that will be the end for Nina and her dreams of a mother daughter reunion. She won’t have snow ball’s chance in hades to see her granddaughter is Willow dies.

  2. June Bookhamer says

    soooooo over willow drama and the way she treats Nina,made me not really care what’s next.Carly is the worse ever and bigger trouble maker than Nina.Bone marrow yes bone marrow no it’s gotten old and could care less anymore.stop watching it has drawn out to far to come back from myself and members of fan clubs for years are all fed up you writers really messed up and took things too far this time,cause no one cares anymore.we wish you luck ,but you just made willow look like a Hippocrates,Carly look like a angel and Nina only wants to finally have a daughter that is living but ofcourse Carly robbed her of that so really I mean really??????

    1. Brenda Byrd says

      i totally agree…it’s been dragged out so long.((dont care anymore))) one has any sympathy for Nina who wanted children gave birth to two daughters ((hopefully three))and wasn’t a part of their lives bc of her greedy self centered so called mom…Carly had Michael and didn’t want anything to do with him for months,Jason took care of Michael like his own for months for Carly bc 9f some sickness..but unfortunate things happens that’s out of our control ??.willow was so forgiving to her so called evil baby snatcher mom Harmony that she gave her over to a cult leader (Shiloh) for own selfish motives? and he raped and got her pregnant but willow ForGave her.?? she was suppose to be your mom. take care and love her but she didn’t….but Nina didn’t know that she is her daughter but harmony should had not put her in that situation…..all of them are hypercrites….Carly Michael Josselyn are control freaks ..and now add dumb willow to the mix. any mother would be upset , Nina does add too much…but she’s frustrated and has a lot of love to give her child (((just ask Sasha ❣️))) the gh writers probably won’t let it happen with Nina and willow… they have taken it far and too long…it’s stupid?‍??‍??‍??‍?

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  5. cindy says

    Leave the dead….. DEAD I don’t care who they are. Leave Tracey out of the country. If you want to bring someone back bring back the one and only one we all miss….Seve Burton!!! Give us JASON back~~~~!!!!!!!! put Luke, Holly, Tracey, Ethan,Helena, Stravos These were useless when and why you let them go leave them gone, I have watched this since day 1 and the writers really suck. It’s as of they have no ideas of their own. Really beginning to hate this show

  6. Roxanne says

    Please don’t let Willow die I want her happy and healthy with Michael and her little ones!

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