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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Lucy Gives Liz Advice And Stands Up To Valentin

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) wants to help others get what they want and need. Lucy has been able to make her company Deception a success. Lucy has found an unexpected love with Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight). Lucy has been able to get Martin’s sister Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Frances) to accept her relationship with Martin. Lucy was approached by Laura’s grandson Aiden Spencer (Enzo De Angelis) to help him with a problem. Aiden wants to help his mother Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). Liz has been experiencing strange and disturbing incidents in relation to her late husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth).

General Hospital Spoilers – Lucy Coe Helps Elizabeth Webber Baldwin To Think Outside Of The Box

Lucy was surprised when Aiden wanted to talk to her about the spirit world. Lucy believes that the spirits of the dead can communicate with the living. Aiden believes that Franco’s spirit is trying to communicate with Liz. Aiden hoped to talk to Franco and got an Ouija Board. Aiden got Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) to help him to talk to Franco but they were unable to contact Franco. Chase was knocked out after he and Aiden tried to talk to Franco and was found by Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Cameron Webber (William Lipton). Liz will want to know more about Aiden and Chase trying to contact Franco. Aiden could tell Liz that he talked to Lucy. Liz and Finn may want to get Lucy to help them to understand the possibility that Franco is trying to communicate from the other side. Lucy may be able to convince Liz to consult a professional medium. Liz may believe that she should find a medium to help her resolve the problem but Finn may have doubts about Lucy’s suggestion.

General Hospital: Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)

General Hospital Updates – Lucy Coe Makes The Case With Valentin Cassadine For Her Relationship With Martin Grey

Lucy was surprised when she and Martin made a romantic connection. Lucy and Martin have wanted to be able to explore their relationship and go public with it. Martin is concerned about making their relationship public because of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Martin represents Valentin as his lawyer. Valentin owns a part of Deception and believes that it would be a conflict of interest for Martin to date, Lucy. Martin does not want to lose Valentin as his client because he has become his close friend. Lucy was relieved when she found out that Laura accepted her relationship with Martin. Lucy is determined to get Valentin to accept her being with Martin. Lucy does not want Martin to lose Valentin as a client or a friend. Lucy may tell Valentin that Martin can keep his objectivity in regard to them.

Lucy Coe Wants To Put Elizabeth Webber Baldwin And Valentin Cassadine’s Minds At Ease

General Hospital Lucy wants Liz to be able to move on and know that Franco is at peace. Lucy will believe that Liz will be able to get the answers she needs from Franco by getting a medium. Will Liz take Lucy’s advice and decide to consult a medium to help her to make contact with Franco? Lucy wants Valentin to know that he will be able to count on Martin. Lucy wants Valentin to support her relationship with Martin. Can Lucy find a way to be able to date Martin with Valentin’s approval? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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