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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Curtis and Jordan’s Divorce Delay Has Opposite Effect That Stella Hoped For

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Stella Henry (Vernae Watson) can’t seem to get the message from her nephew, Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). Curtis has as politely as possible told Stella that she should not interfere with his personal life and that his romantic choices are none of her business. It seemed once Curtis realized that Stella had gone to Dr. Portia Robinson (Brooke Kerr) and warned her away from getting romantically involved with Curtis. But Stella is determined to reunite Curtis with his estranged wife, Jordan Ashford (Brianna Nicole Henry). Interestingly, up until they got married, Stella was trying everything she could to keep Curtis and Jordan from staying together.

General Hospital Spoilers – Once Curtis Ashford married Jordan Ashford, Stella Henty supported their relationship.

Once Curtis and Jordan got married, it wasn’t long before Stella was one of the couple’s biggest cheerleaders. She has told Jordan that she feels guilty for being an obstacle in their road to happiness. And now that Curtis has filed for divorce from Jordan, Stella is working overtime to get them back together. Besides discouraging Portia from getting involved with Curtis, Stella has also encouraged Jordan not to give up on their marriage. But Jordan and Curtis finally cleared the air, and Jordan realized that the marriage would not be saved. She finally signed the divorce papers and put the envelope in her outgoing mail. But Stella decided to get involved once more and took the papers.

GH Spoilers – Curtis Ashford will wonder why Jordan Ashford isn’t moving forward with their divorce.

It won’t be long before Curtis is informed by his attorney that signed divorce papers from Jordan have not arrived. Curtis has already asked Jordan why it’s taken this long, and she admitted it was something she kept putting off, perhaps hoping for a reconciliation. But Curtis is ready to move on. He has changed professions and wants to start a new social life as well. The longer Jordan takes the angrier Curtis is going to become. Stella may hope that a delay will cause Curtis and Jordan to reevaluate their feelings and reconcile, but the chances of that are unlikely.

General Hospital Spoilers -Dr. Portia Robinson won’t pursue a romance with Curtis Ashford until the divorce is final!

Curtis is hopeful that his attraction to Portia will turn to romance once again. But Portia is understandably concerned about losing the friendship she and Curtis have been working toward if their romance turns into a short rebound situation. But she is also still friends with Jordan and won’t want to even think about moving on with Curtis until their divorce is final.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Curtis and Jordan's Divorce Delay Has Opposite Effect That Stella Hoped For

Jordan will likely be just as confused as Curtis since she signed the paperwork and mailed the documents. Eventually Jordan will realize that Stella interfered once again and will let Curtis know. At that point, the divorce should proceed smoothly. But will Curtis have to threaten to cut Stella out of his life?

GH Spoilers – What do you think?

Is Stella doing the right thing be trying to delay Curtis and Jordan’s divorce? Or has she interfered one too many time? Should Curtis cut her out of his life if she doesn’t respect his boundaries? And how long will it take Curtis and Jordan to realize why the divorce papers haven’t been processed? Will Portia wait around for the dust to settle? Family can be overly intrusive in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hosptial news, information and spoilers!


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