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Vanessa Marcil Spills Some Trivia About Maurice Benard And Whether She’ll Return To General Hospital

Vanessa Marcil

General Hospital (GH) spoilers, news, and updates tease what Vanessa Marcil has to say about Maurice Benard and her GH future.

Vanessa Marcil played Brenda Barrett on the daytime soap, and there was a storyline about Brenda and Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) sizzling relationship.

Geneal Hospital Spoilers – What You Don’t Know About Maurice Benard

Even after leaving General Hospital in 2013, Vanessa Marcil has maintained friendship with Maurice Benard, and she loves talking about her former co-star.

In a live chat with fans via Coastal Entertainment, Vanessa Marcil spilled some beans on Maurice Benard that fans probably didn’t know.

She revealed that Maurice Benard has always been “hilariously funny,” which isn’t something that many fans were able to see before.

“He was always so serious all the time and kind of quite tortured because he’s such a method actor, but he’s always been hilariously funny,” Marcil shared. It’s like Benard has come out of his shell and able to embrace his funny side, and Marcil thinks fans love to see this personality in real-life that’s in total contrast with the characters he plays on TV.

Marcil also shared another interesting trivia about Benard. “Mo has never ever had his own phone or his own cars, he doesn’t — he’s kind of like royalty,” she said jokingly. “He doesn’t drive, he doesn’t email, he doesn’t talk on the phone, he’s just starting to go into that area.”

Maurice Benard

General Hospital Updates – Should Vanessa Marcil Return To General Hospital?

When asked whether she should come back to General Hospital, Vanessa Marcil gave quite a positive response. “I will eventually, like there’s no way that it won’t happen,” she said.

She shared that she’s grateful for GH for giving her the first shot and that she’ll always be happy to come back.

“I just love that character so much. She’s such a multilayered, incredible character that I think was very ahead of her time,” she added. “And the fact that Maurice is always still there, you know, makes it a no-brainer because I couldn’t go back and work opposite a Sonny recast or some of these crazy things that happened to some characters.”

Vanessa Marcil originated the character of Branda Barrett in 1992. She’s been on and off the soap over the years until, in 2013, she left for Europe after her engagement with Jax was called off.

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  3. Gammalinda48 says

    I believe Vanessa Marcil will Return very soon!! I’m thinking just maybe she’s Dex’s Mother, and this is a reason Dex wants to get even with Sonny!! When Dex found out Sonny was his Dad he wanted to get even for What His Dad put his Mom through!! Dex is definitely Sonny’s Son, who the Mom is I’m trying to figure out, if anyone else has any idea’s please Post !!
    Now about the Hook, yes Heather did some, but the HOOK is still Out There!! I know Rory is dead, but is he, I’ve been saying right from the start that I thought he was the Hook!! Again anyone else out there think he is or who else do you think is the 2nd Hook??? There was something Odd about Rory being a Cop, where was he from, nothing about his family when he died just Really Weird things about him!! He died in the line of duty, and nothing done for is Funeral ??? See what I mean, so join in, and give me your thoughts, or Idea’s….

  4. Soapfanabcgh1 says

    It would be so great I been waiting for Brenda to come back. And sonny and she can be back to together big love seen ,now he is not connected to Carly and would be great plan to get rid of Nina in storyline .and she runs away. Please!
    but how to put this story on gh

    And is Michael going to stop dex fire him and get back together with sonny

    feel bad for Scotty.

  5. Soapfanabcgh1 says

    Is joss pregnant or a lie

    And who is dex who is his parents !

    Is Austin in the the family and can save Ava because you took away his brother .

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