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How Old Is Anna Devane On General Hospital?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Anna Devane has been a character on General Hospital since being introduced in 1985, nearly 40 years ago. She is the identical twin of Alex Devane who was introduced as a character at General Hospital in 2017.

Though Anna was introduced on GH in 1985, the role of her identical twin was not introduced until 1999 on the now-canceled daytime soap opera All My Children.

General Hospital Spoilers – So, How Old Is Anna Devane?

The role of Anna Devane was first originated by British actress Finola Hughes on April 10, 1985.

After Finola Hughes was suddenly fired from the show by director Gloria Monty, the role was temporarily filled by English actress, Camilla More, from December 20, 1991, to January 20, 1992. In February of 2012, Finola Hughes returned to reprise the role yet again and later signed a more permanent contract for the role.

Finola Hughes was born on October 29, 1959.

At the age of 62 the actress is portraying a character in Anna Devane, that is two years her junior as Anna is listed by General Hospital fandom as being 60 years old.

General Hospital: Anna Devane

General Hospital Updates – Honoring Finola Hughes

The cast and crew of General Hospital gathered this time last year in November of 2020 to honor Finola Hughes’ 35 years portraying Anna Devane on the show.

General Hospital tweeted on November 1, 2020, about the gathering, writing, “We would have preferred to celebrate [Finola Hughes]’ 35th Anniversary in April, but COVID-19 had other plans. The cast & crew surprised her with a belated celebration this past week, just in time for her birthday. Please help us congratulate Finola on 35 years as Anna Devane!”

In the image, we can see the entire cast and crew of General Hospital wearing masks and dark blue t-shirts with “FIN 35” emblazoned across the front. Many fans and cast members took to Twitter with congrats using the hashtag FIN35 including a producer from the show, Frank Valentini, who tweeted, “Happy 35th Anniversary Fin !!! We love you!!!”

And even this year people are still picking up on the FIN hashtag with many fans using it to congratulate Finola for 36 years on playing Anna Devane on General Hospital, though not always on the correct date.

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  1. Cathy Carol says

    I watched Luke and Laura in 78. Their adventures led to the WSB. Anna and Robert are WSB. They came after Genie Francis/Laura began. Not sure about 85. Does it matter how old she is. I’d give anything to have her slim figure. I’m older than she is.

  2. […] General Hospital viewers can imagine that Anna will be doubly worried when Mac Scorpio (John J. York) is shot during the interception of the prison transport van, and she finds out Valentin and the baby are missing as well as Peter! Sometime prior to the interception of the prison transport van, Laura Collins (Genie Francis) will confront the smug and self-satisfied Victor, his knowing that everything is going as planned and he will soon have what he wants from Peter. Or, so he thinks – Peter is very good at bluffing his way into what he wants, and it’s no different this time! Victor has made sure that Louise aka Bailey is in good hands and his associate will deliver her to Peter in exchange for the key to controlling Drew; once Peter is safely tucked away somewhere he can care for the baby. […]

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