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General Hospital’s Emma Samms Opens Up About Being Back On Set With Long COVID

General Hospital: Emma Samms

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal the return of Holly Sutton this week, a comeback more than two years in the making that was sadly delayed due to Emma Samms battle with Long COVID. While her battle is nowhere near over, she was finally well enough to make the trip to Los Angeles from England and bring Holly to life again.

General Hospital Spoilers –  Emma Samms Has Had A Rough Few Years

Samms first contracted COVID during the first wave of the pandemic in early 2020 when the world was unsure what this virus could do to people. For millions, symptoms lasted for months and even still last to this day and that is now called Long COVID, something Samms has spoken about before, but returning to GH is the first time she is working with it, which has been a different experience.

“I told them if I stand still for too long, I might fall over. I might lose my voice if I talk too much. I sometimes sound gaspy,” the 62-year-old Samms told PEOPLE. “I said, ‘Basically, think senior citizen and not a fit one. Just think in those terms when you are writing for me.'”

General Hospital: Emma Samms (Holly Sutton)

All kidding aside, some of the debilitating things that Samms has had to deal with over the past 2.5 years have included fatigue, shortness of breath, and blood pressure issues. After a second bout with COVID, she now has ringing in her ears.

General Hospital Updates – Emma Samms Was Hesitant About Her Return

All of these issues gave Samms some pause when she agreed to return to GH, but she is a strong woman who chose to prove what she can do.

“I had massive trepidation,” Samms said. “But I feel really lucky that people are willing to accommodate me in order for me to work. I feel desperately sorry for people who don’t have bosses who are as sympathetic.”

Samms is set to start airing this week on October 20 when Holly turns up soaking wet in the Quartermaine boathouse and is quickly reunited with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers), who can barely believe she is alive and wonders where she has been all this time.

Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see Samms bring Holly to life once again.

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  3. Maggie May says

    Seriously!!! Steve Burton was fired for not getting the COVID shot and he had volunteered to pay for and get tested every day. But he was fired instead! YET!!! Emma Samms can come to work WITH LONG COVID!?!?!? WTFFF!? IT’S TIME TO BRING STEVE BURTON BACK!!

    1. Just123 says

      I thought it was appalling that he was fired in the first place. And now we know FOR A FACT that the vaccine doesn’t even prevent one from catching Covid!! Remember….that was the biggest selling point and they were pushing it saying it must be done “to save grandma”. Ironically, the people with the vaccine and multiple boosters are the ones getting Covid more frequently than the unvaccinated and multiple times back to back!!!!

      1. Maggie May says

        All I know is Chad D, Kelly, M, Laura W, and several others complied and were vaccinated and everytime we turn around they’re being “temporarily” being played by………. then we learn they are/were out with COVID. As far as I know, unvaccinated SB still hadn’t ever gotten it…just sayin…

  4. […] In a separate interview with People magazine, the actress revealed that she could no longer stand for long periods without the risk of falling over. Not only that, she may also lose her voice if she talks too much. […]

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