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General Hospital Star Laura Wright Weighs In On Everything Carly

General Hospital Star Laura Wright Weighs In On Everything Carly

General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly continuing to keep one whopper of a secret while also claiming to have changed and become a new person since her little detour to Jacksonville, FL. Carly can be a character you love, a character you hate, and a character you love to hate for many reasons, including her lack of self-awareness. Now, Laura Wright is weighing in on the character she has played since 2005.

Laura Wright Just Loves Playing In Carly’s World

Wright fans will frequently notice that she takes to social media on days when she is on the GH set excited to be “playing in Carly’s World” and that is because there are many things she adores about Carly.

When Soap Opera Digest asked her what she liked best about the character, she couldn’t even choose one thing.

“Everything! I love her energy, I love her passion for her family, I love her selfishness and how bratty she is,” Wright answered. “I love the child in her. I love the sexiness that she exudes — when she wants something, especially. I love how justified she feels in anything she does.”

However, she had to admit there was something about Carly she hated when she first took over the role that had been played by three actresses before her.

“I think she’s softened a bit but I think her quick defensiveness could be really harsh, especially when I first started playing her. I don’t think she does it as much anymore; I think that comes with age and being wiser and burying a child and having a daughter watching every move she makes. But that was something where I would be like, ‘Oof, sorry!’ to the actors I worked with.”

General Hospital Star Laura Wright Weighs In On Everything Carly

Laura Wright Believes Carly Has Truly Changed

Despite being her usual demanding and intrusive self when she returned to Port Charles from Florida, Wright does think that there are some things about Carly that changed for the better thanks to that trip.

“I think Carly realizes life in her world doesn’t revolve around Sonny,” Wright told Digest. “And, when Sonny fell off the bridge and Carly thought he was dead, that was a whole new world. Sonny had amnesia, but they both had to figure out how to live without the other, and that really was the final shift, I think, for Carly [to realize], ‘I can do it on my own.’
“So I think the major change or evolution came in the last year and a half, when Sonny was presumed dead and he came back and didn’t choose her and their family…So I think you are really looking at a very different Carly.

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