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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Chase And Willow Reconnect – The Beginning Of A New Chapter For Them?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates say that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Willow Tate (Katelyn MacMullen) are about to get very up close and personal with each other, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. In fact, the two of them will take a step forward in repairing their relationship, despite everything that has happened to them in the past and their rather tense encounter with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Waitros) over Wiley. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase And Willow Reconnect – Is This The Beginning Of A New Chapter For Them?

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in its latest issue, actress Katelyn MacMullen, who plays Willow on the hit ABC soap, says that she believes her character is just looking for someone familiar that can comfort her right now. She also needs someone that can fully understand her and that she can vent to, and that someone just happens to be Chase.

Katelyn puts it this way, “Chase was there when Willow found out about the death of her baby, so he knows the situation inside and out. He was with Willow every step of the way through that. On top of that, it’s like, who is she going to talk to in the Quartermaine house?

General Hospital spoilers say that Chase not only tells Willow that he is sorry for everything that has happened in the past, but he’s willing to move and of course, be there for her. Chase also wants Willow to know that she can count on him and that she can trust him. For Willow, she definitely wants to believe it, but she still has some doubts and hesitations.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Chase And Willow Reconnect – The Beginning Of A New Chapter For Them?

General Hospital Updates: Willow Wants To Trust Chase Again

Katelyn adds, “Her trust has been broken and she has been hurt so many times in the past, I think it’s her for her to believe something like that. However, she knows that Chase has a sincere heart and is such a good person. Finding comfort in someone is an intimate experience, and I think this is definitely a step forward from where they previously were.”

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  1. Cheryl Lynn Singleton says

    I do not Willow to be with Chase! I want her to be with Michael!

  2. Cheryl Lynn Singleton says

    I do NOT want Willow to be with Chase! I want her to be with Michael!

  3. Kim A. Fritsch says

    Please keep Willow and Michael together. Chase and Willow had their chance and it’s done. Also, you need to do a DNA test on Wiley. Writers telling us Nelle is Nina’s daughter is too far fetched after the flashback with Carly being 17 and Nelle 10. No way feasible Nelle was Michael’s age and married him. He wasn’t even born when Nelle was 10. Need to think before writing . I understand aging people but this is too far a leap in age.

  4. Phyllis says

    I definitely agree they should be together

    1. Sharon Griffin says


  5. lbc says

    Willow just needs to forgive and forget whether she decides to go forward with Michael or Chase. The can’t make her mind foolishness is getting old. A person can be torn between two people, but at some point a decision is made – it’s time Willow made that decision.

  6. Sharon Griffin says

    Willow and Chase are original. I’m 100% in their corner. He was there for her when she dealt with the loss of her child. She came to him for comfort with her hurt over Wiley’s comment, and she will be there for him when the truth comes out about who he really is. They not only love each other, they need each other!!

  7. linda summers says

    disagree willow and chase are a perfect couple they should be together and let chase be a dad he is so good with kids Michael is to goodie 2shoes for me he should be more like his dad sonny and hurry and bring sonny back this roll he is in is not believable move on gh

    1. Travoice Marshall says

      I agree. Chase and Willow should have grief sex one night. And Willow later comes up pregnant with their baby!

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