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General Hospital Spoilers: With Sasha Out of the Picture, Who Will Cody Save Next?

General Hospital Spoilers: With Sasha Out of the Picture, Who Will Cody Save Next?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattsson) has a lot to think about. When Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) stopped by to remind her that she does have friends and family in Port Charles who can help her recover from her traumas, it suddenly left her with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Is running away really the right choice? Maybe. Maybe not. But as Sasha looks for a sign and struggles to come to a decision, fans are left wondering whether Sasha deciding to stay in Port Chuck will impact her budding friendship with Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) anyway. Sure, he seems to care about her, but it also seems like he’s starting to care about someone else.

General Hospital Spoilers — First There Was Britt

When Cody first came to town, he blew in with a parachute and pummeled Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) in the process. That wasn’t how he thought he would kick things off with his intended target.

Yes, Cody was in town specifically to cozy up to Britt in hopes of gaining access to the Ice Princess Diamond that her brother, Peter August (Wes Ramsey) had left to her in his estate.

Things crashed and burned for this duo in a whole new way when Britt caught onto his scheming ways not long before being poisoned by The Hook Killer and making an untimely exit before he could truly save her or salvage their friendship.

GH Spoilers Hint Then There Was Sasha

When Sasha came into the picture, it’s likely that Cody was looking for a good distraction. He found comfort in the fact that she had totally wrecked her own life, much like he had. Although she was far more successful than he was professionally, he felt a kinship with Sasha.

General Hospital Spoilers: With Sasha Out of the Picture, Who Will Cody Save Next?

It was clear to fans that while she was nowhere near ready to explore getting busy with anyone in the wake of Brando Corbin’s (Johnny Wactor) death, Cody was falling for her — and falling all over himself to help her.

Cody became overly invested in Sasha’ well-being much the same way he had Britt’s, and he wanted to save her from the situation only he believed she was in. Now that he’s done that, she’s ready to move on, and he’ll have to as well.

General Hospital Spoilers — Next Will Be Sam

The rumor mill is churning that the next damsel in distress on Cody’s list is going to be none other than Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Typically, this is the last woman who needs saving, at least not since she was getting into all kinds of trouble and relying on Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to get her out of it.

But Cody and Sam have grown closer in recent months, and we’ve seen a lot of them together — sans Dante. Is something going to happen soon that pulls Dante and Sam further apart — Lulu Falconeri’s (Emme Rylan) awakening, perhaps?

Word on the street is Cody is getting his feet wet learning how to be honest with Sam about his own secrets, and that he may feel obliged to share some of Dante’s soon, too. Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers to see how this plays out.

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