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General Hospital Spoilers: With Jason Back, Could Britt Return? Kelly Thiebaud & Steve Burton Chime In

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) return to Port Charles has fans buzzing about many other character comebacks.

One major one is Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), but as Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) and Stone Cold never got the opportunity to fully explore their budding (and sizzling) romance before he “died”, some viewers are hoping GH writers can find a way to bring back the Britch, too.

GH Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Thoughts On Britt & Jason

GH spoilers remind fans that not only was Britt struggling with Huntington’s disease, but her death was pretty clean-cut when she got slashed by The Hook – a.k.a. Heather Webber (Alley Mills) – with a poisoned hook! Still, this is the land of soaps, where anything is possible!

During a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest (SOD) actor Steve Burton was asked about Britt’s passing and the romance between her and Jason. Burton noted that he doesn’t know what the plan is, and he’s just going to follow the direction of the head writers to see where the story goes.

General Hospital: Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud)

But he did add that, “Britt’s dead” and “I guess that’s (their romance) over”. Still, SOD was quick to remind him that Jason Morgan was once dead too, but here we are! Burton acknowledged that point; so, as the old saying goes, fans should always expect the unexpected when it comes to the land of daytime drama!

GH Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud Chimes In

Of course, social media has been crazy since Jason’s return, and Kelly Thiebaud has been responding to some fans on X/Twitter, who’ve asked about a possible Britt Westbourne return.

Thiebaud responded, “Not that I know of”, back in late January when it was first announced that Jason would be making a comeback. Still, Kelly was quick to state that she was auditioning for other roles but was happy that Steve Burton would be returning to where he belonged.

Would you like to see Dr. Britt Westbourne return? Could the character come back and be recast? Comment below. Watch your favorite ABC soap daily to catch all the drama and visit CTS for the best General Hospital updates, spoilers, and news.

  1. Cooker 123 says

    YES!! ABSOLUTELY! BRING BRITT BACK!!!????Jason and Britt should be newest PC couple. They sizzled together. The FIRST woman that wasn’t Sam that I wanted Jason with. Come on GH! Your ratings would skyrocket AND your fans would be ecstatic. Much like they were on Monday the 4th!?

  2. Adrienne70 says

    I would love to see Britt back with Jason what a good couple together

  3. LJR says

    Of course to bring Britt back would take some extremely clever and original writing, but that would be fantastic!! We all loved the chemistry and promise of an epic romance between her and Jason! Come on, new writers, take the challenge- you can do this!! We don’t need to see competition between Sam, Carly and Liz!!

    1. Gammalinda48 says

      I 100% agree with you, but I feel the only way the Fan’s would want Britt back is the Original Britt!! Bringing in a New Britt just doesn’t fit the the real Britt because of Britt’s personality, humor, looks all of the above!! Now we know if Britt does come back Liesl will also return boy would Scott love that!! Yes, more than likely this will never Happen, but GH Writer’s love surprising Fan’s so maybe we can DREAM that this will happen!!!

  4. CatLady says

    I would love to see Britt come back but only if it with the return of Kelly. But I am glad that GH has taken my advice and started dressing Maxie in better clothes now they just need to put her back with Spinelli.

  5. Janice Lynn Bullen says

    It would be great to see Britt and Jason together again. As many have said soap operas seem to find a way to bring back “lost” characters. They were special and it seemed he was more real with her!!! They accepted each other too!!

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