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General Hospital Spoilers: Why Doesn’t Olivia Tryin Singing With Ned To Jog His Memory?

General Hospital Spoilers: Why Doesn't Olivia Tryin Singing With Ned To Jog His Memory?

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Eddie Maine/Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) has now sung a special song to Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero).

However, Ned still doesn’t remember his life or his wife. Olivia keeps pushing Ned toward his music because that is what Eddie identifies with.

Why doesn’t Olivia suggest singing a song with Eddie that they have performed together before to see if it will jog his memory?

Eddie Maine Connect With Music

General Hospital Spoilers suggest that Eddie is the first person to connect with music, however, Olivia keeps pushing him toward working with Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton).

As much as Olivia hopes this works, Ned doesn’t remember his daughter at all. The mind does have a way of rem

embering music and connecting it with certain scenarios.

Olivia and Ned have performed together at the Nurses’ Ball more than once. Why doesn’t Olivia suggest performing one of the songs they have done before just to see if it rattles Ned’s memory?

After all, it couldn’t hurt to try just one song. Ned has always loved his Eddie Maine side so that should be a fun experience for them.

GH Spoilers: Olivia Quartermine Could Tell Eddie Maine About His Ex-wife

When Ned was doing his Eddie act years ago, Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer). Lois was Olivia’s best friend years ago but she also grew up to marry Ned.

Olivia might try explaining this and see if Lois sparks any memories as well. After all, Ned has to have some memories in there somewhere from his Eddie days if he wants to be Eddie now.

Perhaps Olivia could even invite Lois to visit to see if that helps any. Lois knows some of Eddie’s favorite tunes and Olivia could certainly try singing some of those to him.

Olivia loves this man beyond distraction, why is she not trying a bit harder to reach him? Is there nothing Olivia could come up with to even try to help?

General Hospital Spoilers: Why Doesn't Olivia Tryin Singing With Ned To Jog His Memory?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nurses’ Ball Videos Might Help

Ned also performed with Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer). Perhaps even playing some of these songs in the house may help Ned’s memory.

Olivia could always try singing a few of them and see if Ned joins in. How enlightening would it be if Eddie recalled some of these songs that he doesn’t know now? Would this not help Ned’s memory?

Ned cannot stay Eddie for the rest of his life, surely something has to help him regain his memory and his life. If music soothes the savage beast, surely it can help a lost man find his way.

Will Olivia fall for Eddie thinking that Ned will never return? Considering how different Ned and Eddie are, will Olivia still love Ned when he does come back?

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  1. lbc says

    I have a better and more sensible idea. Why don’t writers allow Olivia to stop trying to make Ned remember his life and let things occur naturally. Her pushing won’t help the situation. As Ned doesn’t even know BL, pushing the fact won’t help in any way. I feel if he is left alone, he will return to his former self much quicker. Viewers know the only reason Ned took the fall was to elongate the Sonny/Nina SEC reveal.

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