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General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Becomes Suspicious Of Portia’s Interest In Marshall!

General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Becomes Suspicious Of Portia's Interest In Marshall!

General Hospital spoilers tease that Portia Robinson (Brooke Kerr) has been growing increasingly concerned ever since she discovered that Marshall Ashford (Roger Gossett) was diagnosed wish schizophrenia decades ago. Marshall’s was so concerned about what he might do to his children if he had some sort of episode related to the disease that he left and let his children believe he was dead for over 40 years. Marshall believed that was better than exposing his family to farm while he was having an episode.

General Hospital spoilers – Marshall Ashford reconnected with his son Curtis Ashford after decades!

When Curtis Ashford (Donell Turner) changed careers from private investigator to nightclub owner, Marshall took that as a sign that he should reconnect with his son since Marshall himself was a musician. Marshall met Curtis but didn’t reveal his true identity at first, but eventually Marshall admitted that he was Curtis’ father. Curtis obviously didn’t take it well and to make matters worse, Marshall was reluctant to give any sort of explanation for his decision to leave or why he chose to stay away for decades.

Finally, Marshall revealed that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He’s been on medication ever since and hasn’t had any episodes that could be related his schizophrenia. Although Portia has done her best to hide her worry once Curtis revealed Marshall’s schizopnrenia diagnosis, she knows that her own daughter, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) could have inherited the sane condition because Trina is likely Curtis’ daughter.

GH Spoilers – Portia Robinson has kept Trina Robinson’s paternity a secret!

As viewers know, Curtis and Portia had an affair years ago. Curtis broke things off as soon as he found out Portia was married to Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews). When they met again a few years ago, Curtis realized that Trina’s could be his daughter, given her age. He asked Portia and she denied it by claiming Trina belonged to Taggert.

Curtis believed Portia and the two eventually fell in love all over again and plan to be married on Valentine’s Day. Portia seemingly has no intention of revealing the truth to either Trina or Curtis. Portia has been pushing Marshall to make sure he wasn’t misdiagnosed. Because if Marshall isn’t schizophrenic, then Portia won’t have to worry about Trina developing it either. It also ensure that she can keep her secret.

General Hospital Spoilers: Stella Becomes Suspicious Of Portia's Interest In Marshall!

General Hospital Spoilers – Stella Henry will once again stick her nose where she shouldn’t!

Curtis’ Aunt Stella Henry (Vernae Watson) has never been afraid to speak her mind. She also is not above meddling in Curtis’ love life. Stella actively tried to break Curtis up from Portia, as well as Curtis’ previous relationship to Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Stella has promised to stay out of Curtis’ love life, but she will find it quite strange that Portia continues to badger Marshall about his diagnosis. Stella knows that Curtis and Portia were involved years ago, and it will dawn on her that Portia’s concern might have more to do with Trina, than with Marshall.

She will begin to suspect that Portia has been lying all this time and that Taggert isn’t Trina’s father. Stella has agreed to mind her own business, but that doesn’t mean she won’t share her suspicions with Curtis’ ex-wife, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Jordan figured out Portia’s secret months ago and confronted her about it. While Portia didn’t admit it, Jordan could tell that Portia was lying. But will she actually confirm Stella’s bombshell?

What do you think?

Is Portia pushing Marshall too hard? Will Stella suspect that Portia has ulterior motives to have Marshall retested? Should Jordan confirm Stella’s suspicions or tell her to let it go? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers!

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