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General Hospital Spoilers: Portia’s Rage, Heather’s Danger, Would Doctor Hurt Her Patient?

General Hospital Spoilers: Portia’s Rage, Heather’s Danger, Would Doctor Hurt Her Patient?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Portia Robinson’s (Brook Kerr) rage could mean Heather Webber’s (Alley Mills) danger!

Portia blames all of Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) hurtful actions on her mother Heather, calling her cobalt poisoning a scam-might Portia make sure Heather doesn’t live to see another day?

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Davis, Kevin Collins And Laura Collins Were Shocked

Alexis Davis, (Nancy Lee Grahn) Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura Collins (Genie Francis) were shocked when Portia, Co-Chief of staff at GH made threats.

She was listening into conversations she had no business in, even violating Heather’s HIPAA rights because she wasn’t the treating physician, although a Co-Chief of Staff can see the medical records.

Alexis, Kevin and Laura were discussing the cobalt poisoning Heather suffered from a faulty artificial hip and Laura asked her opinion on the positive changes in Heather.

Portia flew into a rage and got the attention of personnel behind her at the Nurses’ Station as she threatened Kevin and Laura with a lawsuit but of “the monster’s” death!

Taking that far enough, blaming Heather for Esme’s actions, she could take it to baby Ace Prince-Cassadine (Joey and Jay Clay) deciding he’s a “demon seed”!

GH Spoilers: Has Portia Robinson Become Unhinged?

Has Portia become unhinged-is she the one who should be seeing Kevin instead of Heather, because she certainly doesn’t seem sane enough to run a hospital!

In fact, with her uncontrollable hatred towards Heather and her progeny, Steve Webber (Scott Reeves) probably is safer in prison than he’d be working at GH!

Just when Portia’s life should be turning around, with her husband Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) back on his feet and learning to walk again, she could tear it right back down.

All she’d have to do is give into her hateful power trip and slip a drug of death in her IV line to put Heather out of Portia’s own misery.

General Hospital Spoilers: Portia’s Rage, Heather’s Danger, Would Doctor Hurt Her Patient?

General Hospital Spoilers: Heather Webber Never Directly Attacked Portia Robinson Or Her Family

Heather never directly attacked either Portia or any of her family members, all she was guilty of is being Esme’s mother, and since Esme is dead she can only blame Heather!

That is like blaming Kevin for Ryan Chamberlain’s (Jon Lindstrom) murders and fathering Esme since he’s Esme’s uncle and Ace’s great uncle and now adoptive father!

Portia calls Heather the crazy one, the monster, the dangerous schemer who fabricated her cobalt poisoning, which she deems a scam.

Kevin would daresay that Portia is showing herself to be much more psychotic and dangerous than Heather at this point. Perhaps she’s the one who needs to be in Ferncliff instead of helping run General Hospital!

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  1. AprilShowers says

    Everytime Portia opens her nasty, venom filled mouth, I want to go slap Cyrus just as hard as I can for not taking her out when he had the chance! Now she’s like a rock in your shoe, not really painful, but irritating and infuriating….
    I vote for a new “who done it” murder mystery, and “holier than thou in her own mind” Portia is the victim!!!????

  2. Barbara says

    As much as I would like to champion Portia’s cause, I can’t. The woman has practically been on a whine fest ever since she came to town. I know she is Trina’s mother but she seriously gets on my nerves. She is far from perfect with her lying behind. We still don’t know if Curtis is really Trina’s father. There’s still time for the new writers to insert knowledge that Mrs. Wu changed those DNA test results that were done by Trina. I still hold out hope that Taggart is Trina’s biological dad.

    1. LJR says

      Totally agree! Portia may be Trina’s mother, but they couldn’t be more different! She has a horrible mouth for a human and a horrible personality for a physician. She has been awful to Spencer and Ava also in the past. Poor Curtis would have been much better off with Jordan! Too bad Cyrus didn’t keep her!

  3. Steven Anderson says

    Portia difently needs to see a shrink , she’s so bent on getting revenge on heather not realizing that her daughter was the one manipulating her and her father Ryan who used Spencer in there little game, but I really blame Laura because she fell for esmes little victim act not realizing she had gained her memories back of what she had done especially to Trina which Ava pointed out the ruffie she gave Trina and not to mention the revenge porn she recorded of joss and cam almost sending her to prison which she never paid for, so I agree with Portia she difently is running a scam.

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