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General Hospital Spoilers: Could Elizabeth’s Stalker Be Seth Baker?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that there is one person who hasn’t been ruled out as Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) stalker. Could future episodes of GH reveal it’s Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick) the brother of Liz’s rapist?

General Hospital Spoilers – Seth Baker May Be Out Of Prison

Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick) may be out of prison by this time, the way that prison overcrowding dictates and sometimes parole is early. He is the brother of Tom Baker (Don Harvey), who raped Elizabeth as a teenager, and caused her years of terrifying nightmares. In 2016, Tom was released from prison and had come looking for her in Port Charles, and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) didn’t like it – he didn’t like it at all!

Previous GH hospital episodes revealed that Franco hated what Tom did to Elizabeth so much he put him in a dog cage in his art studio! Elizabeth didn’t like that so well and broke up with Franco for a while – even for her rapist that punishment was bit extreme!

GH Spoilers – Tom Baker Was Killed And Seth Baker Attempted A Frame

Some time later, Tom’s brother Seth showed up in Port Charles, and he came after Franco – but he also was after his brother Tom! Seth kidnapped Franco and locked him in a storage closet, and later stabbed Tom in the back and killed him, and had planned to frame Franco! Seth was afraid that Franco would find out he killed his brother so he was trying to make it look like Franco did it.

After all, Tom had raped Elizabeth, the woman Franco loved, and Franco had held Tom hostage so there would have been a motive. Elizabeth came by to talk to Seth and was very frightened by how he was acting – Franco got loose and knocked him out, and later Seth was arrested.

General Hospital Spoilers – Seth Baker Would Want Revenge On Franco Baldwin

No doubt if Seth has been released from prison, he would have wanted revenge on Franco, only to find out Franco is dead! Seth would have known his way in and out of Elizabeth’s house and known the house, plus he would have known Franco’s art studio. Seth may not have known how to break into houses and disable security cameras before prison, but in prison, it’s amazing what one can learn from fellow felons!

General Hospital Spoilers: Could Elizabeth’s Stalker Be Seth Baker

With Franco dead, it’s easy to see why Seth might want to “haunt” Elizabeth and try to make her think he’s Franco’s ghost. Seth would want Elizabeth to remember Franco for his own reasons though – that he was the reason Seth was put in prison for killing his brother!

GH Spoilers – Seth Baker Might Want To Be His Brother’s “Ghost” As Well

There is a good chance that Seth’s plan with playing a ghostly specter might also be to remind Elizabeth that Franco isn’t around to protect her! Seth could be planning to impersonate Don Baker’s ghost to really give her a scare and to remind her of her rape! Neither of those Baker boys were nice friendly people, they were both a couple of sickos when you get right down to it. Seth can no longer get revenge on Franco so he would probably want to do the next best thing, by terrorizing his widow!

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  1. Kelly says

    One glaring problem, I beleive the house Elizabeth owned at the time Seth tried to frame Franco was a different home, that blew up and almost killed Sam. He wouldn’t know the new house.

  2. Jane says

    Who’s Don Baker ?

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