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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael’s Marriage In Trouble, Willow Discovers Nina Sabotage

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael’s Marriage In Trouble, Willow Discovers Nina Sabotage

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Willow Corinthos’ marriage will quickly begin to fall apart.

Michael believes he has been careful with his blackmail of Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) unfortunately, he may not have been careful enough. Will Michael and Willow’s marriage survive?

Michael Corinthos Is Hiding Important Information

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Michael is hiding very important information from Willow as well as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Michael knows that Nina turned Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) into the SEC for insider trading. A detail Sonny has been trying to get his hands on for months.

Sonny and Willow will notice Michael’s actions and be very concerned about his actions. Neither of them has any idea what Michael is doing and why.

However, Michael is determined to sabotage Nina’s relationship with Willow and Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver) and Nina. Willow will certainly notice that something is off.

GH Spoilers: Willow Corinthos Realizes Michael Corinthos Is The Problem

With Nina looking at Michael to see how she is supposed to answer, Willow is certain to see an exchange between them at some point and wonder what is going on.

Michael has promised himself that he doesn’t want to ruin his father’s marriage by telling the truth but is keeping this secret worth ruining his marriage?

Michael enjoys having control over Nina and how much time she spends with Willow. Michael never wanted Nina around Willow and his son at all.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael’s Marriage In Trouble, Willow Discovers Nina Sabotage

Nina has treated Willow terribly in the past for no reason. Nina has also hurt Wiley before as well. Nina has also hurt his mother more than once and Michael cannot let her get by with that.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Michael Corinthos Blow Nina Reeves Cover?

Michael could try to make up some lame excuse for why he has changed his tune when it comes to Nina. Michael could just say he knows Nina will cause more pain for them in the future.

However, Willow, nor Sonny is going to buy this. Michael may have no choice but to come clean about what he knows about Nina.

Sonny may be furious with Michael for keeping this from him. After all, Michael knew that Sonny was trying to help his mother. The fact that Michael found out after the wedding is the only excuse he has to give Sonny.

Do Willow and Sonny believe Michael should have been honest from the start? Will Willow blame Nina for what she did or expect Michael to forgive her?

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  1. Brenda says

    Michael and everybody wants Nina to pay for her part in “The sonny alive” drama but what about Carly paying for her part in “keeping the identity of children from their mom” drama. .she’s the one who started all of this back and forth by keeping not just one child (Nelle)but two children ( Nelle and willow) away from their mother (Nina) Nina didn’t know that neither child existed.
    so that doesn’t that mean anything to anybody or any loving mother that can have just a little sympathy for Nina??? carly is the one who started this whole Carly and Nina rivalry, nina is just on the defense from Carly who is a bully and who always plays the victim… bc carly has never been fair to Nina, never. that’s why Nina is always on the defensive…

    1. DC says

      Nina started this, by keeping secrets back in Nixon Falls, she treated Willow bad back when Willow was Charlotte’s teacher and was telling Sonny that Willow and TJ was having an affair etc… Sonny needs to know what Nina did and he needs to divorce Nina. Sonny and Carly needs to get back together. And Carly needs to get her half of the Metro Court back.

  2. LJR says

    No way should this marriage fall apart for this reason. If it does, Willow doesn’t deserve Michael. He is only trying to protect her and the family from Nina’s deceptions! Both Willow and Sonny, and especially Carly, will be mad at him when they discover he has had this info and kept it to himself. But they should understand eventually!

    1. DC says

      I agree!

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