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General Hospital Spoilers: Kim Delaney Has a New Lifetime Thriller

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Kim Delaney has taken on the role of Jackie Templeton in Port Charles. The character debuted with Demi Moore in the role but Kim has put her own unique spin on the character and made it her own.

Now fans can see the Emmy Award winning actress in the Lifetime film Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother’s Hunt for Justice.

Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother’s Hunt for Justice airs Saturday, February 20 on Lifetime.

General Hospital spoilers: Kim Delaney Stars In New TV Movie

The made for tv movie is based on a real life event. It follows the true story of Mari Gilbert, played by Delaney, whose daughter Shannan (Katharine Isabelle) goes missing. Sadly, a corpse is found and it’s discovered that the young woman was murdered.

Shannan’s death is attributed to possible drowning, but Mari does not believe this and fights to have the case re-opened. Eventually she is heard and the case is reopened as a murder case. Kim recently told reporters at a press conference for the film that she had to immerse herself in the story in order to do the tale justice.

General Hospital spoilers: Kim Delaney Stars as Jackie Templeton

“It was [about] a mom losing everything,” she said. “That’s where I had to go. It was a very dark, deep place to go, because [my character] had already lost one daughter and then the other daughter, she’s lost in her own way.”

“It’s crazy how this happened to this one person [who] was trying to raise her kids,” Delaney says. Mari was determined to get justice for Shannan and unfortunately, she died in a tragic manner herself.

Former Today show host Deborah Norville executive produced the film and she was very familiar with the case after covering it for Inside Edition.

General Hospital spoilers: What Happens Next in Port Charles?

Norville said, “I always have had this frustration covering these kinds of stories that…we’re just not able to get to the nuance. These are families, these are lives, these are human beings…their lives have been upended in the most horrific and unthinkable way.”

“What I brought to [this role] from myself was a mom who will go to any length for their child,” Kim said. “[T]his was the mom who would not stop at anything…”

Kim’s character Jackie Templeton is also a fierce mom who is fighting for her son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) on GH.

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  1. Claire says

    These damn writers are ruinning everything everything that I work so hard to root for they writers need our a stop on it stop now bring ppl back enough how many time they going to use that enough is enough destroy my story I getting fed up with these writers I will get them replace if they don’t stop I am so fucking sick the way writers go after NA now they put A in the middle of nina story it is one thing they got that serial killer on their back but now you getting A involved in Nina story enough she just lost her daughter and brother what these writers trying to accomplish they want her to pay or what well she already did that when she lost her daughter and brother and got involved with a serial killer I hope to god for the writers sake that we gets some happy story with NA in it like everybody else they deserve a damn break you need to find another target to target can’t go after the same ones so advise you to leave NA alone after they solved this mystery they deserve a happy story for one in their life damn what is wrong with these damn writers they will not destroy my NA story and that’s a fact

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