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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Drew Clash Over Carly Romance

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Drew Clash Over Carly Romance

General Hospital Spoilers suggest that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) were acting very much like brothers when they were last together. Will an unexpected occurrence while Jason is gone lead to trouble between them?

Drew Cain Fell For Carly Spencer

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Jason has been gone for some time. Unfortunately, while Jason was away after presumably being killed on the island.

Jason is about to come home to find Carly with Drew this time. How is Jason going to take this turn of events since he has been gone? Why isn’t Carly with Sonny?

When Jason left town with Britt, he assumed that Sonny and Carly would get their lives back on track like they always did before. This time, Jason didn’t want to be in the middle because it hurt him too badly to hand Carly over to Sonny once again.

Years ago, Carly and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) were Jason’s family, but he gave them to Sonny.

GH Spoilers: Drew Cain Is Now With Carly Spencer

When Jason comes home to find Carly with his brother, it may not sit very well. After all, Jason walked away so that Sonny could have his family back.

How could things have changed so much? Sonny and Carly always get back together, why did that not happen now? Maybe if Jason had stayed in PC instead of risking his life, things would all be right with the world.

Jason may need to talk with Carly alone just to get an explanation of what went on. Why is Sonny married to Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) of all people?

What has happened to Sonny since he has been gone that could possibly lead to Carly being with his twin brother? How could Carly even consider this? Jason isn’t sure who is to blame for this one.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason and Drew Clash Over Carly Romance

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan Is Not Happy

Jason doesn’t feel that Drew is the right person to be with Carly. No, he wasn’t around to pick up the pieces but if Carly isn’t going to be with Sonny, she could be with him.

It may seem to Jason that Drew has been with every woman in Port Charles that he has. Jason’s outlook isn’t far from the truth. However, Jason is not happy about this, Drew should have stayed away from Carly.

Will Carly be the one thing that comes between Drew and Jason and their quest to be brothers? Can Jason forgive Drew for moving in on what the things are that should be off limits when it comes to their bond as brothers?

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