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General Hospital Spoilers: Is There More To Marshall And Stella’s Past Than Meets The Eye?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is There More To Marshall And Stella's Past Than Meets The Eye?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease there could be more to Marshall Ashford (Robert Gossett) and Stella Henry’s (Vernee Watson) past than meets the eye. But now, with the two seeming to spark a romance, will either one admit there was one in the past?

General Hospital Spoilers: The Two Always Acted Like There Were Secrets

It seems since Marshall came to Port Charles that he and Stella always have acted like there were secrets between them, although the secrets were about a fake funeral.

But lately, it seems like there are more secrets and of different kinds than the truth about Marshall’s “death”; Marshall’s story was his diagnosis of schizophrenia made him dangerous.

Or, at least, that had been his fear-but now that his diagnosis was debunked there seems to be other types of secrets they’ve hidden-secrets of a type much more shameful.

Could Stella and Marshall have been involved romantically in the past-perhaps as teenagers, before Marshall married Irene Ashford (Cheryl Francis Harrington)? Did Stella move to Detroit because Marshall chose her sister over her?

GH Spoilers: Feelings From The Past?

At Christmas, Stella and Marshall were out on the deck of the Ashford-Robinson home, dancing to music and having a good time-then out of the blue, they almost kissed.

Or was it out of the blue-it almost seemed like it was more out of their past; it would make sense considering they were dancing dances from the past.

The music and the dancing were from an era when they would have been teenagers, or at least in their early twenties. Both Stella and Marshall were taken aback by that “ghost kiss” out of nowhere-and they quickly separated, like they were doing something wrong.

Or maybe the secret from the past neither one will talk about is that they did do something wrong, and they were more involved than they want to admit.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is There More To Marshall And Stella's Past Than Meets The Eye?

General Hospital Spoilers: Were They Involved When Marshall Ashford Was Married?

Could the secret they want to keep hidden is that they were involved when Marshall and Irene were married, and made a mistake, and that’s when Stella moved to Detroit?

According to the family story, Irene became ill after Marshall “died” and that was when Stella moved back to help her with the two little boys. Maybe there’s another secret involved that Irene never knew about that precipitated Marshall’s fake funeral that they never want the rest of the family to find out.

That might be why they are so hesitant to move forward with each other-with Irene dead, and Marshall gone before she became ill and Stella returned, there’s guilt. Could Stella and Marshall have had an affair when he was married to Irene?

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