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General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory’s Story Comes to Somber End

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) story will come to a somber end. Some have a feeling that this could be the end of the road for him. Keep on reading to learn more.

General Hospital Spoilers: The End of the Road for Gregory

According to the General Hospital spoilers, it could be the end of the road for Gregory. Fans have a feeling that his storyline could come to an end. A possible spoiler was brought up on the Message Boards.

The user december baby posted: “Is this it for Gregory? There seemed to be a lot of finality and endings for his character today.”

GH fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. This brought up a heavy debate on the message boards. New clues suggested that Gregory could meet his fate.

In a previous episode, he was more downbeat than usual. Gregory left his job with the newspaper and asked Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) to help him write his last story.

Shortly thereafter, Gregory returned home and took a nap. He seemed very down and in pain. It’s as if Gregory was giving up on his life. These clues could suggest that something could happen to him.

“I’m not one who usually sees anvils, but there was something different with Alexis and Finn today. If Chase had suddenly shown up, would have clinched it for me,” one fan wrote.

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison)

“It was obvious his symptoms were progressing to the point he was unable to type. Nina was unknowingly rude to him,” another fan noted.

GH Spoilers: Gregory’s Diagnosis Comes Out

According to the General Hospital spoilers, the writers could throw out his diagnosis. The daytime soap hired new writers. Some fans are hoping that they don’t make up his health on the fly.

“Just hope the ‘new’ writers aren’t dumb enough to overturn the Mayo Clinic diagnosis. Please don’t turn GH into a joke. They should never have gone there if they had any inkling they wanted to keep Gregory,” one user noted.

This could suggest that GH fans will witness his “deterioration until death.” Most of them feel terrible for the actor who has to convey that on screen. Gregory will have a dark ending because of it. Fans got bad vibes from his recent scene and aren’t looking to the unfolding.

What are your thoughts on Gregory’s storyline? Do you think this signifies the end for him? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Cindy says

    I think they should keep Gregory, he makes a great character. He is one of the best actors there and keeping some of these unlikeable, useless characters and having him leave is crazy. Pretty soon, all the good actors will be gone. Yes, they could come up with a misdiagnosis, why not? They did it for a less likable actor, Marshall. Finn could be the one to save his Dad. If not, we will soon see, yet again, another boring host talk show. Everyone will just switch to Netflix.

    1. Linda says

      Yes, I totally agree. Let them find out whatever he has is treatable. He’s so good for GH!

  2. jody says

    i was hoping they would find out he didnt have als and would help him live and him and tracy would have a story line together.i really like him

    1. Gammalinda48 says

      I totally agree with you!! OH how I hope the Writers find a way to keep Gregory may it be a wrong Diagnosis whatever they can do Please!! We all would love to see Gregory and Tracy start realizing they are more than just friends, they are So Cute Together!! Whatever or Whoever changed Tracy’s ways Thank-You, wait a minute was it Gregory?? Also one other Storyline I DON’T like is Dex teaming up with Mr.FBI himself ” JOHN ” please writers change that!!

  3. Rorie Senger says

    My husband passed of ALS. Pls do your research. I think they should have him misdiagnosed and that he has Lyme disease. A lot of beginning symptoms are the same. Difference is…u can live with Lymes but it’s a horrible death with ALS

  4. Deborah Trudel says

    I love Gregory! You need to figure out a way to keep him. Misdiagnosis or something. That’s a terrible disease to have to show on daytime soaps. He could have a relationship with Tracy. He’s the only one that can make her happy after losing Luke. Please!!!

  5. Kelly says

    If you’re going to use ALS as his diagnosis, make it just a bit more real. Looks more like Parkinsons disease. just saying.

  6. Julie says

    Hey, what happened to Greory’s diagnosis be changed from ALS? He is a great actor and I truly hope he stays.

  7. Lynn says

    Don’t insult those of us who have lost family members and loved ones to ALS by changing the diagnosis! His decline is very much related to ALS not Lyme disease.

  8. Barbara Byrd says

    I love Gregory. ❤️ stop getting rid of the fan favorites and call it misdiagnosed. I want to see him and Tracy pair up. He’s the only one currently that can give her as good as she gives otgers…. please!!!!!

  9. Carol says

    i would love to see Gregory stay and him and Tracy could be new lovers please don’t get rid of him that is a big mistake. please .That is all we ask from the writers.

  10. Renita Ford says

    please let him stay he’s a good actor I will really be upset if you let him go love him. l love to see Gregory with Tracy. Please don’t get rid of him

  11. Cindy Bryant says

    Gregory is an amazing actor. You could please get rid of Marshall who has no story line and never had. He just takes up space. Drew has become a crybaby and now looks like he was hitting on Nina. That could be fun. Love having Jason back!! I’m so tired of Sonny going off his meds again and looks like Ava will help him do it.

  12. Jeanette says

    Let Gregory stay Tracy & him will make a great couple

  13. Ingrid Hall says

    I love Gregory and really wish the writer would keep him on t g e show. he could s I often Tracy’s attitude abd he would be very good fir her. please keep him on the show!!!

  14. Marsha says

    keep him

  15. Jo Thompson says

    yes please let Gregory live. I really enjoy seeing him and the love he has for his sons and his granddaughter. you don’t see that kind of love displayed much. the love between he and his two sons is so touching, family needs to see more of it displayed on day time T.V. praying that you keep Gregory alive.

  16. Mary says

    Yes, I agree that hopefully they find out an error was made in Gregory’s diagnosis. Make up something or maybe he was bitten by a strange spider while out of the country, etc.
    If they do decide to keep the ALS diagnosis, take a page from OLTL when they brought back David Renaldi, who actually was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. he had an electric wheelchair with a mouth piece to place words on a computer to communicate. It helped bring attention to ALS at the time. Don’t just show Gregory getting weaker and then dying.

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