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General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory is Concerned Chase’s Marriage Proposal is More About Him Than Brook Lynn

General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory is Concerned Chase's Marriage Proposal is More About Him Than Brook Lynn

General Hospital spoilers report Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) has been carrying that ring around for weeks waiting for Christmas Day to propose to Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Quick to assume his sudden romantic gesture had something to do with her family, Brook Lynn tried to sweep her man’s proposal right off the table — until he made it clear his plan was in the works long before Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer) came to town.

Brook Lynn and her family might see their engagement as a beautiful surprise, but Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) could have other ideas. Will Chase push back when his dad seems less than enthusiastic about his decision to marry Brook Lynn?

General Hospital Spoilers — Chase Shares the Happy News

Chase is going to be itching to share the happy news with everyone he cares about. The Quartermaines might hear about it first, but his father and brother are certainly next on the list.

He wants this to be a family affair, and there won’t be any hiding how thrilled he is to tell his dad he’s found someone to share his life with. But underneath all of that joy lurks pain.

The awareness that Gregory may not be around to see many of the years of the rest of Chase’s life with Brook Lynn could be all he needs to suggest they get this show on the road.

GH Spoilers Leak Father Knows Best

When Chase follows his first proposal with another — that they don’t waste time getting hitched because he wants his dad to be there, and lucid — it’ll be hard for Brook Lynn to turn down the opportunity to marry the man of her dreams even sooner than she had planned.

But that will become the first of many clues that give Gregory the impression his youngest son is about to get married — not because he loves this woman and is ready to — but because he wants to give his old man some peace that he’ll be taken care of before he declines into an untimely death.

General Hospital Spoilers: Gregory is Concerned Chase's Marriage Proposal is More About Him Than Brook Lynn

General Hospital Spoilers — Lies We Tell Ourselves

The reality is that Chase does love Brook Lynn. But Gregory will have a sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t be proposing they getting married just yet if his dad wasn’t terminally ill.

In fact, he said as much to Brook Lynn, noting that his father’s diagnosis was a wake-up call reminding him tomorrow isn’t promised. Does that mean he should throw all reason out the window and jump into the deep end before he’s ready to swim?

Any pushback from Gregory may leave Chase feeling confused and wondering whether his dad doesn’t like Brook Lynn. The truth is, he wants to make sure Chase is marrying her for the right reasons — and not just to put on a show for him while he’s still here to see it.

Keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers to see how this plays out.

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