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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Alive, Killed Austin To Torment Ava?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Alive, Killed Austin To Torment Ava?!

General  Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that someone sent Ava Jerome (Maura West) a gruesome picture of Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) dead on the floor of his Pautuck, PA home. She had mostly gotten over any romantic feelings for him, but the death and the subsequent memento shocked her.

The pic came with the message “You’re welcome.” Someone was waiting inside the house for Austin and now there is a whodunit plot in play.

Some fans think that the killer was Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss). Maybe his head injury after being conked by Ava and left for dead brought out his malicious side?

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Sent Ava A Gruesome Picture?

Before his disappearance Nikolas threatened to take Avery Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola) from Ava so it may be that from a distance he is trying to do the same kind of emotional damage to Ava.

There is a large group of fans who think that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) could be pulling Ava’s strings. He is supposed to be dead, but you know how long soap opera deaths last!

If Ryan has somehow, someway, come back to life it makes sense that his obsession with Ava would be his priority. And sending Ava a creepy photo to freak her out would be a typical Ryan move.

GH spoilers: Who Killed Austin?

If Ryan was behind Austin’s death, it may be because Ryan was outraged with the two of them being together. Or, if Ryan found out that Austin did Ava wrong he may have killed as a signal of his demented love for her.

There’s one thing to keep in mind here: Austin knew his killer. When Austin saw the person, he said to the effect ‘what are you doing here?’

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Alive, Killed Austin To Torment Ava?!

Remember, Austin knows Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom), Ryan’s twin. So perhaps he thought he was seeing Kevin in his house and was puzzled by that?

General Hospital spoilers: Justice for Austin!

What we do know for sure is that Austin is a goner and know several culprits will be under suspicion. Tell us GH fans, do you think Ryan killed Austin? Or do you know who did—tell us in the section below!

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  1. Tammy says

    that has to be thee Stupidest thing I’ve heard get new writers!

  2. Judy Hahn says

    I hope not…This killing and recycling characters is getting old…..

    1. Tammie says

      I agree! They say that there could be a chance that Roger could return too

  3. Louh says

    I sure hope they are not bringing him back again. We have had enough of him! Let’s move on to bigger better things.

  4. LJR says

    So tired of people coming back from the dead – particularly evil ones like Ryan Chamberlain and Jerry Jacks! Could we please be a little more original?!! If you must bring back a dead person, at least make it Jason!

    1. Patricia says

      I agree!!
      this is so stupid, these writer took time off & this is what they’ve come up with. So tired of bringing back the dead & all this evil that’s going on, this is ruining the soap, clean it up or fire the writers & get better ones

  5. Stephenie says

    I agree with you all I want Jason back not these other evil guys

  6. skunk lover says


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