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General Hospital Spoilers: GH Comings And Goings: Jeff Kober, Alley Mills, And Brad Schmidt Are On-Screen

Jeff Kober

Two familiar faces are returning to GH this month, and another familiar face is making their GH debut for the first time.

General Hospital Spoilers — Jeff Kober is Back

Fans first met Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) in early 2020. Kober’s authentic portrayal of a man longing for family and quick to turn on anyone who didn’t embrace him made weathering the pandemic while working from home a little bit easier.

In 2021, Mayor Laura Collins (Genie Francis) went to visit her brother, Cyrus, who is serving a sentence in Pentonville. Cyrus insisted he was a changed man who had found God. She left feeling very conflicted about Cyrus’ behavior — not knowing whether she could believe his claims or not. He seemed sincere on the surface, but he’s been known to put on quite a ruse to manipulate the people around him into letting him back into their lives.

Since then, we have only seen Cyrus a few times, but a larger storyline is brewing that he will be a key part of. Now that Laura’s grandson, Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) is also behind bars in Pentonville, Cyrus has recently come to his aid during a brawl with another inmate. Rumor has it, Cyrus is going to continue to lend a hand — and extra security — to Spencer. It’s all the name of being family, or so he claims. What do you think Cyrus is up to? Has he really changed?

General Hospital Spoilers — Brad Schmidt Tries on a New Role

If the name Brad Schmidt isn’t ringing any bells, that’s because we’ve only seen him on GH for three episodes in the past. When Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) needed to step off the set for a few days to film American Sognare, Brad Schmidt stepped into the role as a temporary Brando.

Many careers start this way for soap actors, and they later get called back for other roles. This time, Schmidt is playing the role of Book, a fellow inmate at Pentonville. Remember that brawl Cyrus broke up in Pentonville? That was Book, challenging Spencer. It remains to be seen whether Schmidt will have a long-term or critical role in GH, but rumors are swirling he may. Could it be that Cyrus hasn’t changed his tune at all, and he deployed Book to provoke Spencer on purpose just so Cyrus could pretend to come in and save the say? Would Spencer fall for that kind of act? We think so.

Alley Mills

GH Spoilers Indicates Alley Mills is Bringing a New Storyline

The Wonder Years fans will recognize Alley Mills as the dutiful wife and idyllic mother to Kevin, Wayne, and Karen Arnold. While that role may have made her a household name, Mills’ most recent role has given her relevance in the daytime TV world. Starring as Pamela Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful, Mills now plans to cross over to GH.

It has yet to be revealed what role Mills will step into. Will it be an entirely new character or someone from the past she’s going to reignite? Some fans are hoping she will bring Virginia Benson (formerly played by Lois Nettleton) back to life. Others are hoping Mills will lend the maternal instincts we saw in The Wonder Years to a role as Maggie Fitzgerald, nanny to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl). What do you hope to see from Alley Mills? Let us know, and stay tuned right here for more GH news, updates, and spoilers.

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  2. Just123 says

    I think we all figured Cyrus was heading back to the TV screen when we saw him with Spencer.
    Can’t say I’m thrilled because I couldn’t stand him but I am curious to see how his ‘finding religion’ will hold up!!
    I just hope this doesn’t lead to a re-write of the Ryan cult-type storyline.

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