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General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Asking — How Have Carly and Nina Both Missed All the Signs That Sonny Isn’t Medicated?

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Asking — How Have Carly and Nina Both Missed All the Signs That Sonny Isn’t Medicated?

General Hospital spoilers leak Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) aren’t picking up on the not-so-subtle signs that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) isn’t properly medicated — and the fans have taken note.

When Sonny washed up on the riverbank in Nixon Falls not knowing who he was, it didn’t take long for local nurse Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy) to pick up on his erratic moods and get him medicated for his long-diagnosed Bipolar Disorder.

Since then, it’s hardly been smooth sailing, but Sonny hasn’t been entirely irrational and illogical either — until now.

The fans are claiming it makes little sense that the most prominent people in Sonny’s life haven’t taken note that he’s not properly medicated, despite all of them acknowledging he’s not acting like himself. After all, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nina May Not Know Any Different

Nina just couldn’t resist the opportunity to stick it to Carly. Knowing Sonny was alive was the tip of the iceberg by the end of her scheme coming unraveled though.

Nina really did fall in love with Sonny when she was in Nixon Falls, and she didn’t want to lose him to anyone — least of all his grieving wife who had moved on.

While she may not have ever wondered whether Sonny’s medicated state made it easier to be with him — or increased his desire to be with her — she also doesn’t have the experience that Carly and some others do to know what it looks like when Sonny isn’t taking his meds.

That being said, plenty of things have legitimately happened in recent months that gave Sonny valid reason to extract her from his life, too. She may just believe her husband is this cold and uncaring, and that he’s truly done with her.

GH Spoilers Claim Carly Should Know Better

Every interaction between Sonny and Carly leaves us wondering if she’s just as checked out as he is. She can’t seem to believe the gall he has to just abandon his family and write them off without taking into account the many ways they tempered their bad decisions and made up for them with good ones.

Telling Carly that Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) decision to protect his father instead of turning him in counts for nothing should’ve been a red flag to her that he’s not thinking clearly.

His decision to shack up with Ava — a longtime enemy, more or less, who was responsible for Morgan Corinthos’ (Bryan Craig) death — is another red flag.

General Hospital Spoilers: Fans Are Asking — How Have Carly and Nina Both Missed All the Signs That Sonny Isn’t Medicated?

Furthermore, Sonny’s banishing of Jason from his life is the biggest red flag of all. Why is Carly so obtuse? Why is she ignoring all of the hallmarks of Sonny’s declining mental state?

General Hospital Spoilers — Will the Truth Come Out?

Ava Jerome (Maura West) knows there is a problem with Sonny’s meds, but she’s not about to disclose that if it’s going to work out in her favor to keep it a secret.

It might sound like she’s being the voice of reason — insisting Sonny’s family was looking out for him when they too betrayed him — but we know she’s laying tracks to end up being the only person in his life that he trusts.

Nina hit the nail on the head, mentioning Ava was much too skilled at manipulation to be so overt as to blatantly sabotage anyone or openly admit the truth. She plants seeds and watches them grow; that’s her style.

Alienating Sonny from everyone else seems to be Ava’s plan, and the fans are stunned that Nina hasn’t realized any of the signs that her soon-to-be ex-husband is off his rocker and off his meds.

That being said, she’s not had much one-on-one time with him in the last two months. While Nina might earn a pass in that department, shouldn’t Sonny’s kids and Carly have more awareness of what that looks like?

So far, only Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has questioned Sonny’s mental state, and the fans are shouting it makes no sense. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us and keep checking back for more GH news and spoilers to see how this plays out.

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    i think that the writer’s r crazy for writing this to Sonny being betray n may go to JAIL the sope will not be the same with Sonny gone im just saying 😔

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