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General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Secret Isn’t Safe as Tracy Zeroes in on Cody Bell

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Secret Isn’t Safe as Tracy Zeroes in on Cody Bell

General Hospital spoilers suggest Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) has been sweating the chance of the truth coming out ever since his childhood pal, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly), came to Port Charles. When they were just kids — rather, teenagers — Dante committed a mysterious crime. We still don’t know much about the details of that. What we do know is that Cody took the rap for him, and Dante let him.

At the time, perhaps they both knew their lives were going in separate directions, and that Dante was most likely to be successful. Maybe it made sense for Cody to take the heat. But does that still make sense today? Now that Cody has made an enemy out of Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), it stands to reason it won’t be long before she takes measures to take him down and destroy his credibility. In the process, she may unearth Dante’s dirty secret — not knowing that it’s Dante. What does this mean for Officer Falconeri’s future in Port Charles?

General Hospital Spoilers — Cody and Tracy Butt Heads

Tracy should have reconsidered her decision to swing by the stables. Clearly, Cody wasn’t expecting such abrupt company, and Tracy is grieving right now over Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) — whether she knows it or not. Still, her clap back at Cody was uncalled for when he was just trying to help her out with Leo Quartermaine (Easton Rocket Sweda). Now that she and Cody have had this exchange, she won’t forget it, unfortunately for him.

GH Spoilers Hint Tracy is Always Looking for Leverage

Tracy always has an agenda. A few friends to call her own, she doesn’t need a shoulder to cry on. Rather, she needs an arm to twist. With plenty of them at her disposal, she just might come to find out what Cody was up to all those years ago when he was taking the rap for Dante’s bad behavior. As she seeks to expose Cody, and unleashes his secrets across Port Charles, she’ll have no idea that she is actually ruining Dante’s life.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dante’s Secret Isn’t Safe as Tracy Zeroes in on Cody Bell

General Hospital Spoilers — Dante’s Secret Could Come Out

Rumor has it, Dantes’s secret is slated to come out this year. What is it going to mean for his relationship with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco)? Moreover, will he even be able to maintain his career as a police officer when everyone knows the truth? Obviously, there are reasons that Dante wanted to keep the truth from his girlfriend and family.

Whatever he did just might be his undoing, professionally speaking. What would Dante do if he was no longer a police officer? Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) might be able to offer some advice in that department. Where do you see the storyline going with Dante particularly where his relationship with Sam is concerned? Share your thoughts with us, and keep checking back, every day, for more GH news and spoilers.

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