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General Hospital Spoilers: Could Pikeman’s Mr. Brennan Come Between Drew & Carly?

General Hospital Spoilers: Could Pikeman’s Mr. Brennan Come Between Drew & Carly?

GH spoilers suggest that the debut of actor Charles Mesure, a.k.a. “Mr. Brennan” has caused quite a stir for fans everywhere.

He’s not only the person Roman Humes a.k.a. “Mr. Humes” (Mark Engelhardt) reported to at the end of Friday’s show, hinting that he could be Pikeman (or at least linked to the organization), but there was an interesting interaction between him and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), while she served him at Kelly’s.

GH Spoilers: Was There Sparks Between The Two?

GH spoilers hint that there were some slight sparks between Carly and Brennan. The two weren’t exactly flirting, but Ms. Spencer did enjoy some light and fun conversation.

It’s no secret that the pairing of Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) and Carly hasn’t been as magical as the thought of them together was on paper.

Cain has been a shadow of his former self with her, almost acting as a doormat to Ms. Spencer, willing to throw himself under the bus and go to prison for the crazy insider trading idea she had.

He also gave her a ton of grace and lightly fluffed off the fact that she lied to him about Nina Reeves-Corinthos (Cynthia Watros) being the bio mom to Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen). Are Darly’s days numbered?

General Hospital Spoilers: Could Pikeman’s Mr. Brennan Come Between Drew & Carly?

GH Spoilers: The Sonny Corinthos Factor

Despite their breakup, Sonny and Carly are still close and very loyal to each other. The fact that Brennan is linked to Pikeman or could be the head of the organization would create an interesting layer to this storyline.

If the two hooked up, this wouldn’t be the first time Carly was romantically involved with a nemesis of Sonny; however, it’s been a long while since Ms. Spencer has been with someone who was an “enemy” of the mob boss.

Carly and Sonny have developed an interesting friendship and co-parenting relationship. They’ve also evolved tremendously over the years as it relates to communication and loyalty. Both have changed, so things would certainly get sticky if Carly had a romance with Brennan, considering his ties to Pikeman.

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  1. Angie says

    Well seeing as Carly cheats on every man she’s with , of course She would. I don’t believe for one minute that Brennan went to Kelly’s, not knowing the relationship between Carly and Sonny. Brenden was obviously also the one involved in the op that went bad with the Jamison Forsyth character.. You mentioned something about how magical Drew and Carly weren’t although they did look so on paper , you people are failing to realize, BillyMillerDrew and Carly wouldn’t give the time of day to each other,

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