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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Renewed Interest In Family Search Upsets Trina Life

General Hospital’s Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) has a lot going on right now. However, it seems that a renewed interest in researching her family tree could lead to a huge upset. Will Trina find out the truth about her parentage?

General Hospital – Stella Henry Found A Close Family Match

General Hospital’s Stella Henry was working on researching her family tree when she found a close match some time ago. However, that person decided not to connect with Stella and removed their information from the site. At the time, Trina was interested in family research as well. However, Trina decided not to follow up because she got busy with other projects.

Fans suspected then what Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) seems to have confirmed while talking to Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). Jordan has not mentioned this at all. Portia chose not to come clean with this information either. Will a renewed interest in family research expose the truth of Trina’s paternity? Is Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) Trina’s real father?

General Hospital – Trina Robison and Curtis Ashford Are Friends

Now that General Hospital’s Portia and Curtis are living together and Trina has a room there, she and Curtis have become friends. Curtis is trying to help clear Trina’s name through all means open to him. Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) has not been around to offer a lot of support.

Now that Real is about to come back to town, his storyline is expected to heat up. Is Taggert about to find out that his daughter isn’t his after all? Does Taggert have any idea about Portia’s affair before now? What will the truth do to Curtis and Trina’s newfound friendship?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Renewed Interest In Family Search Upsets Trina Life

General Hospital – Could Jordan Ashford Spark The Renewed Interest?

General Hospital spoilers have suggested for months that Jordan would bring up this conversation. Could Trina overhear Jordan asking Portia what she meant about the truth about Trina’s father? Jordan is bound to confront Portia at some point.

After all, Jordan is still married to Curtis since Stella stole the divorce papers. When will someone question why that divorce isn’t final? Will Portia tell Jordan the truth when she brings this up? Portia seemed to want to tell someone about this secret. Has Portia changed her mind now that the danger has passed?

Fans have been certain that Portia lied about Trina being Taggert’s child. Did Portia lie to protect Trina from the man Curtis used to be? Does Curtis deserve to have his daughter in his life if Trina is his? Will Trina lose the other father she has ever had? Will Trina find a new side of her family that she has been missing?

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  1. Sharon Griffin says

    I have long believed Trina is Curtis’ daughter. It’s very obvious!

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