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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Maurice Benard Defends GH Writers Against Fan Criticism

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos has certainly done a one-eighty when it comes to his opinion on fans expressing their dislike for storylines. Are fans only supposed to complain when he’s not happy?

General Hospital Maurice was very vocal a few years ago telling fans to express their dislike. Back when there were 18 straight weeks of low ratings, Maurice was encouraging fans to speak their minds. However, now that this Sonny, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) triangle is going on, fans are being advised that you can’t please everyone. Maurice says ratings are up and fans should set back and enjoy the ride. Sonny and Carly fans are sick to death of Nina’s involvement and want her gone. Maurice has expressed that he likes the Nina and Sonny story more than once. Maurice also liked playing Mike a lot more than fans liked the part. Sonny fans want Sonny Corinthos, not this watered-down version of him.

General Hospital Spoilers – Sonny Corinthos And Carly Corinthos Belong Together

General Hospital’s Sonny and Carly have been together off and on for decades. However, this past year Sonny and Carly fans have watched their connection be ripped apart because of Sonny’s memory loss. G.H. writers have changed the entire storyline and have completely destroyed Carly and Sonny’s connection. Writers expect fans to believe that Carly has been in love with Jason Morgan (ex-Steve Burton) all this time. This writing completely whips out not only Sonny and Carly’s love story but Jason’s love story with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) as well. Fans are not going to set back and keep quiet when the history of General Hospital is being ruined. Sonny and Carly have been a super couple for years and that should not be changed now.

General Hospital: Maurice Benard

When Should Fans Complain?

If General Hospital fans go by the way Maurice comes across, perhaps fans are only supposed to complain when he’s unhappy. After all, He’s the one who loves this Nina story and expects everyone else to set back and watch. Maurice, along with many other actors were unhappy when he advised fans to complain. Tony Geary, former Luke Spencer, walked around this time. General Hospital ratings were at an 18 week low as well. So apparently, fans’ opinions don’t matter unless he isn’t happy. Who is going to be there when things don’t suit him the next time around if he expects fans to be quiet now?

Sonny and Carly’s fans aren’t going to stick around and support their relationship being destroyed for long. Who is going to support that pairing when they are eventually reunited down the road?

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  1. Pat says

    This is a soap, This is the only soap on ABC . Stop complaining about everything. So much is going on in WORLD right now. Enjoy the ride. Life is too short. PEACE & JOY

    1. Karen says

      I may not like this storyline but l love gh and don’t think it’s constructive to threaten to stop watching. I certainly won’t. BUT by the same token, we fans have every right to express our opinions. Geeze, everyone relax!

    2. Brenda says

      Agree! It’s a storyline. Watch where it goes! Life is not STAGNANT…. It changes…..I miss Franco and Liz, Jason and Sam and many other relationships and characters that have come and gone! Sad, yes… but still a fan and glad to see GH still thriving after having lost greats like Another World, All My Children,Santa Barbera and a few more. Replacing them with some pretty crappy talk shows.

  2. Barbie says

    This is not the first time actors had to defend GH writers first Cynthia dud who play Nina and Maurice who play sonny

  3. Brenda Williams says

    I like Sonny and Nina together. I also liked Jason and Britt together. Switching things up isn’t always a bad thing. Let Jason come back and be with Britt and they can be the new mob bosses. Sonny can retire and be with Nina.

    1. Divanana says

      Well Sonny and Carly Belong together they have a young baby. Why break up a family. You already kill a new born with sasha & Brando. Disqusting. So these 2 need to keep there marriage. DelusionalNina has a problem fi d her a man Austin or someone a bum. Send her out of town.
      The ratings will drop if you break up a marriage Sonny sick and needs his wife.

      1. Divanana says

        Good .facts…

  4. Claudette Smith says

    I’m not interested in a Sonny /Nina s/l even though I love Maurice. I don’t watch their scens and I feel the writting is stupid. I miss Sonny Corinthos. He’s lost and falling for someone who hirt his family and manipulated him, not even his character. Miss me with this one. Of all the things in life to do, I give GH an hour to view s/s and commercials. I may get an hour back in my life for something I enjoy because I surely don’t enjoy watching this trainwreck.

    1. Jillie says

      I agree

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    1. Hilary says

      Can’t wait to see them All go after Esme!!
      Hope it’s a Real Snack Down!! She Deserves it! I can’t Stand her character! So EVIL!!!?
      Such a Snot ?? Should be Fun ????❤

  7. Jackie says

    I already stopped watching because of this Nina and Sonny story sick she stole his daughter lied to his family he is the only one who likes this story only a few do so many are not going to watch and it’s this story and Peter and as me that is ruining GH maybe he should retire instead of telling us what to like used to love Maurice Bernard not any more end he should read what all of the fans say quests he doesn’t care anymore

    1. Brenda says

      Not ALL fans ! Many of us understand that change is necessary and keeps things interesting. Life is not all hearts and roses. Sad and bad things happen so why expect a soap to be different! Sonny has been his character for decades and I can’t blame him for wanting to stretch and grow. He’s a GREAT actor. We all have different ideas about what we would like or not like to see in the show. However, we can’t all possibly be pleased and have our wants and ideas reality in the show. The writers get paid to make the best choices for the show and the actors knowing they won’t make everyone happy.Either watch it through the changes or find something else to watch. I have no issue with people voicing their disapproval…. Just with the bully types who feel they are the only ones who demand things be their way or else be ended! I’m so tired of that mentality which is so prevalent today!

  8. Just123 says

    Very disappointing to hear Maurice Bernard not support the likes or dislikes of fans. Without the fans he has no job, so he’d be wise to remember that.
    It’s a shame that Maurice and the writers can’t read the room. Is the story line written to please Maurice or the fans.
    I’ve always been a huge Sonny fan but this pathetic shell of what WAS Sonny is getting harder and harder to watch. They have diluted the strong personalities and have made them weak and whiny.
    I’ve been a fan of GH since the mid 70s but after the drawn out, never ending, Sonny amnesia and Peter story lines that go on and on and on, I’m about to throw in the towel and say I’m done.

    1. Wenzday says

      Love your comments! You’re Absolutely Correct!
      We are the ones who made him. He needs to be Grateful to All who have made him Rich and Popular
      I want an Apology, the Writing Sucks, It’s the Truth!
      It’s Pathetic and draws on Forever, no matter how much the people complain, the writers don’t listen. Used to Love your Character, but I guess you like playing a wimp! Maybe you’ll be looking for a new job.You’ve made some Fans Very Unhappy??

  9. Wenzday says

    I think you would be wise to Apologize to your Faithful Fans. Get back to being a Man. To the Original character we knew and loved, a Real Man! Not the Wimp “your writers” turned you into. It’s Pathetic watching you being so Lame. I’m embarrassed for you. Your character makes me feel sick to my stomach. It’s Sad? you used to be So Cool!?? Please bring back the Real Sonny, the Cool, “Take No Prisoners!” Cool guy??

  10. Wenzday says

    Love your comments! You’re Absolutely Correct!
    We are the ones who made him. He needs to be Grateful to All who have made him Rich and Popular
    I want an Apology, the Writing Sucks, It’s the Truth!
    It’s Pathetic and draws on Forever, no matter how much the people complain, the writers don’t listen. Used to Love your Character, but I guess you like playing a wimp! Maybe you’ll be looking for a new job.You’ve made some Fans Very Unhappy??

  11. Annie says

    We as fans have Every right to voice our feelings in regards to what we’re forced to watch!!! I ABSOLUTELY love Mo/Sonny But this pathetic sickening never ending nina stuff Needs To End!!! Carly and Sonny Belong together! I’ve stopped watching because of this storyline and I’ve been watching for nearly 30 years!!

  12. Cindy Bryant says

    Everyone is tired of this 3 way love triangle. It has gone on too long the only reason you want this to continue is because it keeps you in the spotlight but others need to shine now . So step back for the other actors and would someone please kill off Nina

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