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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan’s Letter to Ava Blows Up Her World, Esme Kicked to the Curb?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers General Hospital tease that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) could get tired of waiting for his evil little minx daughter Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) to blow up Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) and Nikolas Cassadine’s (Marcus Coloma) world, and blab an epic secret before Esme can. Will he do it, and what will be the consequences?

General Hospital spoilers: Ava Is a Gallery Owner

Ava got many letters from Ryan in the past. In fact she got quite upset at his sinister letters, so it would make sense he would try to communicate this way again. Especially since he has Locked In Syndrome (not really).

Spring Ridge conveniently provides him with an employee who can dictate his thoughts so this is entirely possible given his impatience with getting revenge on Nava.

Esme is all in with her supposed dad Ryan on destroying Ava and Nikolas’ marriage but she is not quite as crafty as Ryan is.

GH spoilers: Ryan Is Crafty

Plus, Ryan wasn’t happy about Esme’s decision to spare Ava the truth for now. Esme insisted to Ryan that she will lower the boom later, but Ryan is a loose cannon on a good day.

Will he sense that Esme could be stalling and take matters into his own hands? For now Esme is counting on Nikolas to get her Spring Ridge internship back in place and she wants to wait for that.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan’s Letter to Ava Blows Up Her World, Esme Kicked to the Curb?

General Hospital spoilers: Ryan Is a Bad Guy

Ryan being away from his little accomplice will start to grow antsy and Esme is beginning to see that her dear old dad is a psycho at heart who can’t be trusted. The more Ryan stews over how much he wants revenge, the more likely he will take drastic action. Will Ryan manage to escape, thus perhaps committing even more mayhem in Port Charles, New York? He could, but the postal service is faster. Even snail mail is quicker than hatching an escape plan and finding a willing partner on the inside.

A letter spilling all the gory details of Nikolas and Esme rolling around on the floor would have Ava looking for the knives—if she believed it.

What happens if Ryan sends a letter and it blows up in his face?

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  1. Nanlee says

    I hope the ending of Ryan comes quicker then sooner…He really needs to go for good..
    Somebody please take him out…

    1. MadMimi says

      Agree! That storyline is so old it should be collecting social security by now!

  2. Linda says

    I don’t know why I’m saying this, but here goes I hate to see Ava & Nickolas break up !! Ava actually Loves Nikolas So Much !! Yes, he’s a sly dog in doing what he did so I guess Ava has to know !! Esme needs to get it from both ends, !) Ryan sends off the letter & Ava goes after Esme, 2) then right after that Spencer finds out what she’s done with his Dad he throws her to the curb 3) Both Ava & Spence somehow proves to the Courts that it was Esme who did it, and not Trina !! That would be Funny for Esme to get it from all ends, then Ava will deal with Nikolas with the help of his “SON” good luck with that Nikolas…

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