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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Emme Rylan Shares Huge News

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Emme Rylan, who fans may remember as Lulu Spencer, shared some major news to her followers on Instagram. The actress revealed that she and her family are moving again.

Fans may recall that Rylan was written out of General Hospital. After her exit, the actress and her family went on a road trip in October 2020 and returned to Los Angeles in the spring of 2021. Rylan was with her partner Don Money and their children, Jackson, Levi, and Dakota. They managed to rent a home but finding it was a struggle.

Nervous To Share The Big News

Now, the actress revealed that they have to move again. Don works as a producer/editor and his job now requires him to move out of California again. Rylan updated her followers in a series of Instagram Stories.

The actress started with, “I have something to tell you guys, and I’m super nervous to talk about it.”

“I’d like to start this story, by saying I’m not completely insane,” she continued.

The General Hospital alum was reluctant to say what she wanted and even got her tongue tied. But she eventually managed to blurt out, “we’re moving again.” They’re making a major life decision, which they believe is what’s best for their family at the moment.

Goodbye Los Angeles

The actress admitted that “80 percent of our stuff was never unpacked. The boxes are in the garage,” which means they don’t have to go through the tiring process of packing their things.

Rylan revealed that she’s not sure how long they’ll be away. They plan to leave Los Angeles for a year but it may also become permanent. They’re relocating to St. Louis, which she believes is a good place for her kids plus, it’s close to family.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Emme Rylan Shares Huge News

Rylan’s Future Plans

In terms of her work, Rylan still plans to audition. She doesn’t see any problem with it since they’re done via tape these days. “Yes, I’ll be flying in to work. But we’re gonna try something different for a little while,” she shared.

She reassured her fans that she’ll still continue acting. She’ll commute back to Hollywood if she has to for work.

“You will still see me spending lots of time in L.A. My sister lives here and I will be going back and forth quite a bit so you’re gonna see me all over the place,” Rylan said.

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  1. Judy G. says

    So over the weekend we just read that she was reporting back to work at GH. This article seems to dispute that since she is quoted as saying she still “plans to audition”. Now I’m majorly confused…..

  2. Linda says

    We ALL want Lulu back, please bring her back to Dante and Rocco! For once, do the right thing!!! Plus, are you ever going to send Sonny home? It has almost been one year, how long are you going to make us wait?????

  3. Linda says

    Don’t know why Emme Rylan was canned in the first place.
    Bring Sonny back and soon along with Hayden.
    I hate that so many story lines are just drug on.

  4. Amanda says

    Definitely need to bring emme rylan back as Lulu and reunite her and Dante let there family be complete and happy again and definitely need to bring sonny home to Carly and have Brooklyn and chase become a couple let the truth about what was done to Ava be let known and let Ava and Nickolas get back together let Valentin and Anna get together have lucky come back and get with Liz and Rick come back and get with Alexis

    1. Eileen says

      I agree with you 100% on everything you mentioned. I do hope the powers to be follows up with your suggestions.

  5. Amanda says

    And let Brad out of prison and get his life back and hopefully his marriage with Lucas fixed it’s not right that Brad suffer behind bars because of nelles toxic ness and please let Willow be pregnant with Michael’s baby and let Brooklyn and chase have a baby and let Maxie and spinelli get back together let Peter August get found and killed off the show let Trina get with Spencer and have Curtis get back with Jordan and have Portia and tagger get back together

  6. elvisfan says

    Yes Amanda…I agree with all you said. Then it will finally be the soap I have always loved since the beginning!!

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