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General Hospital Comings and Goings: Genie Francis OUT…But For How Long?

General Hospital comings and goings reveal Genie Francis’ Laura Collins leaving the Port Charles canvas once again, but why?

General Hospital’s Laura Is Tricked To Leave Town

As Genie Francis, who was recently honored on the soap’s 15,000th episode with an hour dedicated exclusively to her, takes her annual vacation, Laura won’t be seen for quite a while since Valentin Cassdine (James Patrick Stuart) did some pretty nasty things to get her out of town.

After Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) ordered his son to kill the PC mayor, he just couldn’t do it and as he saw Laura try to drink that poison, he clumsily knocked it out of her hand and had to tell Victor he failed because he has a human heart. Fearing Victor would have him try again, Valentin lured Laura out of Victor’s path by making her Lesley Webber’s (Denise Alexander) home in Italy burned down. Now, Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura are on a trip to make sure Lesley settles into somewhere else ok.

Laura And Kevin Are Gone At Crucial Moments

While we’d love the soap to wait until Francis returns for her dumbass son’s affair to be brought to light, that secret might have to come out without her there. Poor, dumb Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) would need his mother to read him for filth when she learns he was stupid enough to sleep with teenage Esme Prince, who is supposed to be his son’s girlfriend. But, GH often has poor timing with these kinds of storyline beats.

With Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) likely not done with her breakdown, we would also want Kevin on hand to treat her. As we hold out hope that there is a real split personality story going, it’s necessary to keep Kevin around, so hopefully, he returns to town and his practice before Laura does.

General Hospital Comings and Goings: Genie Francis OUT...But For How Long?

When Laura returns, she is going to have a lot to deal with and maybe we can finally move the ‘Who Killed Luke Spencer?’ and Ice Princess story along. Too many actor vacations and other obligations have made this story go on for much longer than it should have. Laura’s term as mayor may also be affected by her absence, so she better pay attention to what’s going on at home. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see when Laura returns.

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