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Why Kristina Corinthos Needs To Be Leading General Hospital Character Again

Why Kristina Corinthos Needs To Be Leading General Hospital Character AgainGeneral Hospital spoilers preview a few more appearances by Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Corinthos Davis in the next few weeks, which gives some hope that she might have a story this time. After her appearance on August 8, fans throughout social media wondered why this was the first time we saw her in months.

GH Needs To Keep Kristina Front And Center

There is no reason for Kristina Corinthos Davis, a legacy character born to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), relegated to the back burner only making a brief appearance every six months if that. She was once a character who drove story and made fans tune in but instead has become an occasional talk-to.

She was Sonny’s first child on the soap and the one he has been closer to than anyone else, yet we have barely seen her since Sonny returned from Nixon Falls nearly a year ago.

Kristina is also Alexis’ daughter and we saw no reaction to her mother letting the cult co-leader who almost had her raped live with her. When that woman, Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel), tried to kill Alexis, there was also no reaction — or at least not one the viewers were privy to.

Why Kristina Corinthos Needs To Be Leading General Hospital Character Again

Why Is Kristina An Afterthought?

It’s as if the soap forgets she exists and even forgets her previous small story. Ava Jerome (Maura West) asked Kristina to manage Charlie’s Pub just before Sonny bought it to give to Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy). And today she was just promoted to the manager again? Did Sonny demote his own child when he bought the bar for his Nixon Falls friend?

Even if that did happen (or GH just forgot she was already the manager), fans were finally able to see Sonny with his nicest child today, the one who accepts him no matter what he does and refuses to judge him for having feelings for Nina Reeves.

That is what we need to see. Her point of view is important and instead, we get the point of view of Carly Corinthos’ dumbass son who is not even an actual Corinthos. GH needs to explain itself here and give Kristina the story and attention she deserves. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if that actually happens.

  1. Moses says

    I’d like to see Sonny, Dante, Rocco, Avery, Donna and Kristina bond as a family unit. It’s odd/sad that Sam miscarried Sonny’s child but PC is a remarkably small town and quite “close” in some uncomfortable ways. Joss and Michael have decided to hate Sonny… that makes more room for his bloodline family. Time Sonny’s world stopped being about Carly and her kids. They’re done with him. He’s got a family too! It’s becoming a rather large clan. GH should USE THEM. Bring it on.

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  3. Nana55 says

    Michael is upset with Sonny, cause for months they thought he was dead.. Yes, he is upset with Sonny cheating on his mom. But this woman isn’t just any woman. SHe is the grandmother of Wiley,mother of Nelle.. So to Michael she purposely kept the secret of Sonny being alive. Nina had plenty of oppurtunity to tell his kids that he was alive. Since she keeps saying that Carly was being mean to her,lol.. She blames Carly for killing Nelle, which she didn’t. Nina got rights to see Wiley,but try to push the issue that Willow wasn’t his mom,but Nelle.. Nelle loss those rights.. Kidnapping him, endangering him,etc. Willow legally adopted Wiley which makes him her son. If Nina had told Michael that she found his father, he would have been so grateful that he would have gave her visitation.. But now,Michael is upset cause his father turn to the very woman who kept him away from them. Michael feels betrayed. Like Sonny only cares for Nina and not his family who grieved for him.. Nothing that Nina does justifies her behavior.. She was out to get Carly for not letting her know about Nelle.. Which Carly thought she was protected her from a psychopath, who brought down a reign of terror to Port Charles.

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