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Why General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Left The Daytime Emmys Early

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn used the Daytime Emmys to make a statement about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade with her attire. She also missed much of the night because she had somewhere else she would rather be.

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Is Her Activist Self

Nancy Lee Grahn has never made a secret about her decidedly liberal political stance and her feelings about a woman’s right to choose whether to have a child or not. When she arrived at the Emmys, people took notice of the tattoo on her neckline saying REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM and the purse she carried that said: “Bans Off Our Bodies”.

“Our audience is predominantly women. They are our primary and valued audience and I respect women enormously,” Grahn tol PEOPLE, explaining her outfit. “Today, they’ve had their dignity taken away from them because the six extremists on the Supreme Court have issued women a death warrant. So I can’t get over that to be all smiley here.”

Nancy Lee Grahn Needed To Protest

Grahn was up for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress and the soap world waited to see if she would win and use her speech as a soap box to express how she felt about what happened earlier in the day. Ultimately, co-star Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne) took home the gold, but a Twitter exchange between the two after the fact revealed that Grahn left the Emmys early.

“Had to bolt as preplanned immediately after our category & didn’t get a chance to personally congratulate you,” Grahn tweeted to Thiebaud. “As I told your mom last night, ur one of the most talented young actresses I’ve seen pass through doors at GH in my time there. Well deserved, honey. Enjoy ur prize.”

Why General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Left The Daytime Emmys Early

She later revealed in response to a fan tweet where she actually went — a pro-choice protest, of course.

“While I was happy to still be recognized and happy for those, especially Kelly who got her moments, Joy was not remotely an emotion I came close to in light of what happened earlier. I left as soon as I could to attend a protest. My heart was broken the entire day and still is.”

Will GH work this social issue into the story as it has done with other social issues? Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to find out.

  1. Linda Sharpe says

    We don’t need politics in the soap world, we have enough on regular tv and as far as Grahn goes she is disgraceful. She needs to keep her opinions out of work, we don’t care what she thinks. She was to blame for the others getting fired for the vacs when she could have left herself if she was that miserable. I used to like her but not now. She is a bigot and needs to keep out of the tv world. There are a lot of other actors that can pick up more scenes when she leaves to presume her pollical career.

  2. Just123 says

    This woman, Grahn, is really disgusting. So sick of her behavior towards co-workers who have a different opinion than she has.
    These liberal actors need to realize that people don’t care what her rhetoric is about, what her stance is on anything. But especially when it shows their ignorance.
    Grahn is ignorant and spewing rhetoric that her political party is spewing. She needs to check her facts and information and educate herself because she looks and sounds like an idiot just like those that are having tantrums out on the streets. She needs to get over herself!!!

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