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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Lucy Lose Martin Over Her Scheme?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Lucy Lose Martin Over Her Scheme?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) could lose Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) over her scheme. Her focus on getting Deception and her one ELQ share back by hook or by crook is putting their relationship at risk.

General Hospital Spoilers: Temporary Truce, Now Back To The Feud

Lucy and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) called a temporary truce while mourning Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) but now they’re back to their feud.

Lucy is refocusing her energy on her plot to have Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) manipulate Tracy into marrying him, the end game to take her for everything she has. But her extreme focus on this scheme is cutting into her time, and that means cutting into her relationship with Martin, putting it at risk.

Lucy doesn’t realize how insecure Martin really is when it comes to their relationship, although she should understand it. She was presumed dead for several months before Martin was told she was alive, when they both had to go into hiding.

GH Spoilers: Stop, In The Name Of Love And Spa Time

Martin collides with Lucy as she’s rushing out of the Deception Cosmetics office, asking where she’s running off to in such a hurry. Scott had called her and told her he was at the Metro Court with Tracy, working on her and she wants to get a bird’s eye view.

But Martin wants to take her to a spa, so she manages to change his mind and they go to the Metro Court for dinner-but he notices her staring at Scott.

Not only is she staring, but she’s completely distracted by the sight of Tracy and Scott in close conversation, and Tracy had previously pointed out to Martin Lucy’s pull to Scott. Martin questions what about Baldwin Lucy’s so entranced by, obviously jealous-she’ll try to reassure him but he won’t believe her.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Lucy Lose Martin Over Her Scheme?

General Hospital Spoilers: Only You, I Promise, Only You!

Lucy continues to try to reassure Martin that she only has eyes for him, but he has seen her turn to Scott in her grief about Bobbie. Martin had understood that Lucy and Bobbie were rivals over Scott and had been enemies at one time, so he didn’t understand her having grief.

Martin has a huge problem with the connection Lucy obviously has to Scott, especially since Lucy and Scott’s relationship goes back so many years.

She acknowledges she and Scott share a thirty year bond but continues to try and convince Martin he’s her only one now. But with Lucy’s failure to focus on her relationship over her trying to get Deception back, it’s not working and she may lose Martin!

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