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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason And Drew Continue To Act As Brothers?

General Hospital: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison)

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that while on Cassadine Island, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) actually began to act as brothers.

Unfortunately, the two were separated in the tunnel collapse. When Jason returns, will the two of them continue to act as brothers now that they aren’t fighting against each other?

Jason Morgan And Drew Cain Were Forced To Work Together

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that when Jason went to the island to save Drew, the two of them were forced to work together to not only get free but to make sure everyone stayed together.

Jason helped to figure out what Drew’s trigger was and he and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) helped him escape.

Jason and Drew did really well when it came to working together and they seemed to be connecting as well. Drew was very upset when Jason was separated from them in the rubble.

Drew hoped that Jason would be found but that never happened at least until now. Soon Jason will turn up in Port Charles once again like many times before.

General Hospital: AJ Quartermaine (ex-Sean Kanan)

GH Spoilers: Jason Morgan And Drew Cain Have A Lot In Common

Jason and Drew have a great deal in common compared to most twins. After all, Drew has Jason’s memories from the time he was in Time he was in the car accident with AJ Quartermaine (ex-Sean Kanan).

Unfortunately, Drew only has a few years of memories of his own. Jason and Drew could stand to make some memories together now that they are reunited.

Jason and Drew never had a chance to get acquainted before because they were arguing over their identity due to the brain mapping procedure.

Jason knew he was the real thing but Drew had his doubts because of the programming. Being in love with the same woman didn’t help matters either and they both lost Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) in the end.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan And Drew Cain Can Start Over

Jason and Drew have the opportunity to start over now that all of this other stuff is settled. Had Jason and Drew made it home together, they could have been close by now and had each other’s backs.

However, they have been deprived of that chance time and again. Will these brothers finally get a chance to know each other?

Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) would love for Jason and Drew to be close considering they never knew each other. Monica could even suggest that try to connect not only for her but for their father as well. Will Jason and Drew be willing to give being brothers a try?

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  1. lbc says

    I feel if writers hadn’t put Drew with Sam the two could get together, but that will always be an obstacle in the two becoming truly loving brothers. I could be wrong. I really don’t see the point in having the two to become brotherly as sooner or later, CM’s other business venture will probably remove him for canvas and the two would be separated once again so why start something that can’t be continued for at least a few years.

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