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General Hospital Spoilers: Where Is Marcus Taggert, Real Andrews Offers Answers

General Hospital: Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews)

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) has been scarce since Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) started to grow closer to Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner).

However, Taggert’s portrayer, Real Andrews, recently addressed fan questions on X, formerly known as Twitter. What does Andrews have to say?

General Hospital Spoilers: When Will Marcus Taggert Reappear?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Andrews doesn’t have an actual return date stating, “I cannot be and have no desire to be concerned about when I’m working or why I’m not working…All I can control is what I can control and that’s that when I am called, I’m ready and I show up with excellence.” Of course, Andrews’ last scenes were his reaction to Trina’s paternity.

Andrews’ says, “If that’s the last thing I ever do on General Hospital, it was a great way to go out.” In other words, Real is just rolling with the flow when it comes to appearances and is ready and willing when and if the opportunity arises. Of course, some fans are convinced that those paternity tests were tampered with and Taggert is the real father.

GH Spoilers: Has Marcus Taggert Been Pushed Aside?

Originally, Trina wanted nothing to do with calling Curtis her dad or anything else. Trina stated time and again that Marcus would always be her father. Suddenly, Trina is all about Curtis, getting the house ready for him. Helping watch over him and even calling Curtis “dad” after his recent health scare which included his shooting.

General Hospital: General Hospital: Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews)

In all reality, Taggert would have been there for Trina to lean on when Curtis was shot even though he isn’t Trina’s biological father. Taggert knows how Trina would be feeling at this time. Trina struggled with the way that Curtis was treating her and her mother and it would have been nice to have Taggert there to show his support.

General Hospital Spoilers: Could A Paternity Change Be Coming?

Fans have been saying for some time that Selina Wu (Lydia Look) fixed the test results. Selina offered to do this when she talked with Curtis around the time Trina decided she wanted to do it.

However, Curtis told her he wanted to know the real results. Curtis didn’t want to take Taggert’s daughter unless she was truthfully his daughter.

Trina already admitted that she took a DNA test and came up with a match at the same time Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) did. Since then, some fans have been convinced since then that Curtis was Trina’s father.

Will the writers change this again or will they leave it alone? Will Taggert be back or is he gone for the foreseeable future? Keep watching to find out.

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