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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sonny Makes Nina’s Dream Come True

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) may be the one to finally make Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) dream come true by discovering that Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) is her OTHER long-lost daughter, Nelle Benson’s (Chloe Lanier) fraternal twin, in future episodes of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Willow Tait’s Second Fake Birth Certificate May Not Work To Get Her A Passport

General Hospital viewers know that Willow’s second faked birth certificate that Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) caught Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) buying at Charlie’s Pub may not work to get Willow her passport! This guy might be okay with fake IDs for minors to obtain alcohol or fake driver’s licenses for those who have been taken away, but his work might not stand up to federal and international scrutiny! General Hospital viewers know that Sonny being a drunken mess who doesn’t know who he wants more, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) or Nina, isn’t working – Nina is already starting to feel like a backup plan for a guy who hates being single! Sonny being a real hero for Nina, as in finding out Nelle had a twin and delivering the truth to Willow and Nina sounds like more of a real love story! Not to mention Sonny’s been through this type of thing with faking identities before – and knows how to make it stick, so he could try to help out by getting Willow one and find out she’s Nelle’s twin in the process -remember Dev Cerci (Ashton Arbab)?

General Hospital Updates – “CarSon” Is Gone, “Sona” Needs To Be Believable

General Hospital viewers can pretty much count on “CarSon” being a thing of the past, at least for now, but General Hospital writers need to make “Sona” a little more believable. Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) telling Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) that she’s nobody’s side piece about Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) could have been a conversation between Ava Cassadine (Maura West) and Nina about Sonny! Neither Nina nor Sonny nor anyone else for that matter has a clue that Willow is really Nelle’s twin, separated by birth now, although there are some suspicions some might. Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy) may not know more than she told about baby Nelle, but there could have been two nurses with two deliveries that night. Phyllis recognized Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) one night at Charlie’s pub, but Stella didn’t claim to recognize Phyllis.

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)

Michael Corinthos Doesn’t Trust Harmony Miller Around Wiley Corinthos

General Hospital viewers know that Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) doesn’t trust Harmony around Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver) any more than he does Nina, but Willow needs a birth certificate! Michael may not have agreed with the faked papers for Dev a few years back, but he certainly knew there were good reasons behind doing so, and he may turn to Sonny to have some made for Willow.

Sonny would be starting from scratch only knowing that Willow was “really” born in a commune in Colorado so it would be kind of a backward process than what he took with Dev’s. But Sonny could try to do some better research and come across a link to the same baby broker as was used in Nelle’s case and he may know Nelle’s story from Nina, and ask Phyllis about the broker’s name and she’ll recognize it! General Hospital viewers can see Sonny, and probably Brick (Stephen A. Smith) follow that trail and find out Willow and Nelle were twins separated at birth!

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  1. Divanana says

    Disqusting . It won’t work she know mother that of a child.

  2. Ava says

    So now Sonny is helping Nina…yuck!!!

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  5. Kitty says

    Ugh I feel like I’m going to barf. ?

    Those words”love story” tied to Sonny and nina , poor Willow made Nina’s daughter is just wrong.

  6. iisk8er says

    Do you just spin a wheel to think of the most ridiculous storyline imaginable. I’ve stated all along that NELLE was NOT NINA’s spawn, it was really Willow. Even if Willow turns out to be Nina’s bio child, I would want nothing to do with Nina if I was Willow. What kind of human being is she? Keeping a man hidden from his family (and watching and interacting with them while they grieved) is one of the MOST disgusting things for one human to do to another. Nina does not DESERVE to have ANY children, let her NEVER find out Willow is really hers. Think about the way she treated Willow when she was Charlotte’s teacher and just yesterday threatening Willow to sue for her rights. What about the rights of Sonny’s family?? She needs to GO!!!!!

  7. Just123 says

    This disgusting story line is the confirmation I needed that I made a good choice to stop watching GH.
    The headline alone is disgusting. Bring the REAL Sonny back, turn him back into a ‘man’ because right now he’s a whiny weak so-called mob boss now, half the time looking like he’s afraid of his own shadow.
    Very disappointing to see the Carinthos family fall to the wayside with this pathetic writing.
    No emphasis has been placed on the horrible deceit and manipulation done by Nina. Somehow she has made it about her being a victim. But then again, why not? She’s had to suffer no consequences for any of her actions and must keeps getting what she wants.
    People, INCLUDING THE WRITERS, need to remember that we have all seen how demented Nina is, but is now being portrayed as this pitiful ‘poor me’ innocent!!

    1. stetny says

      Well spoken! Agree completely…have actually been missing episodes (don’t have to watch everyday). Bring the “real” Sonny back; Nina deserves nothing.
      Why are there more “evil” characters being introduced; is Esme EVER going to be found out; why hasn’t Spencer told the truth about who torched Ava’s car; Nina pregnant with Sonny’s baby? YUCK! Please, writers, don’t go that way. Please start listening to the fans…or are you trying to get GH taken off the air similar to the fates of the other soaps?
      This “hour” (and I’m one of those who started watching when it first started) used to be “MY” hour; now maybe it’s my hour once a week but no longer every day.
      Think writers will EVER listen to fans?

  8. lbc says

    If CarSon is ended please don’t start Sona, as neither adds interest to the spoilers that are being presented in my opinion, and am sure there are others who feel the same way. Just use the characters proper names and go on with the spoilers you write. Viewers all know and even more feel Nina is just a hump in the road for Sonny/Carly and if GH writers ever allow him to regain his true persona, his world (even as a legitimate coffee importer) would have a place for Nina in any way, shape or form, not even as a friends with benefits relationship. Sonny is basically unstable now and definitely needs professional help.

    1. CarlottaFulkerson says

      I agree with everyone that has stated their disgust for Nina. How can people believe that she’s a poor pitiful victim. She has never done wrong. It’s always someone’s fault. And for Sonny how many times is he going to cheat on Carly. If he wants to stay sane and keep his business he better wake up and get Carly back. He’s playing a man that has no sense and no strength. The mob don’t need that. But we know who the next mob man is going to be. The old man who claims to be just a jazz singer and player!!!

      1. Vbfoster says

        I’m so tired of Sonny & Nina. When will Nina pay for what she has done to Carly & family? Nina just thinks of herself. Now she wants yo she her grandson. Why she did not think about her grandson when she keep Sonny from their grandson.

  9. NonieB69 says

    OMFG!! This is really making me sick to my stomach!! The writers suck AZZ & I’m just going to start watching the teenage drama! I hope Willow tells Nutty Nina to drop dead!

  10. Lily says

    So sick of the Sonny and Nina storyline. I just want it to end forever.

  11. Terrie says

    Why is Nina not being punished for her actions. Seems like the writers think it’s ok to ruin a family. Hate this story line. When will CarSon be back and back to before Sonny disappeared. Getting tired of watching a weak affair mobster.

  12. I think it is fun to watch the dynamics that Sonny and Nina are creating. Everyone has forgotten that Carly is no saint and she fell in love again with Jason, the best friend of Sonny. Who does that? Too many people need to take a step back and realize this is a soap and not real life. Save your anger and spite for what is really going on this world and just enjoy the show for what it is. Nina does not need to be punished as she has been punished enough and let’s not forget the biggest punishment of all……… Carly let her daughter die on that cliff and didn’t tell her she was dead. Also, Michael keeping her from her grandson is a very sad situation. Sonny is always going to be the “MAN” regardless of who he is with. I love the writers of this show. Keep up the good work.

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