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General Hospital Spoilers: Sneaky Surveillance, Serious Trouble, And Setups!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sneaky Surveillance, Serious Trouble, And Setups!

General Hospital spoilers and updates for the week of Monday, October 2-Friday, October 6 tease sneaky spies, serious trouble and setups!

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has been sneakily surveilling Valentin Cassadine, (James Patrick Stuart) Charlotte Cassadine’s (Scarlett Fernandez) in serious trouble and Damon Montague (Darin Toonder) might be walking into a setup!

General Hospital Spoilers: Sneaky Surveillance

Before we start in on the action, it should be noted that Tuesday and Wednesday GH is preempted for baseball games. Anna’s been sneakily surveilling Valentin and she tells someone she doesn’t know what kind of secrets he’s been keeping.

He turns around in alarm and anger as he sees her walking in on him through the door of his new house, which he hasn’t told her about.

The house was supposed to be a surprise, for him and Charlotte and although he wants Anna to move in too, he’s been protecting both Charlotte and Anna from each other.

Both he and Anna look angry at each other and until he tells her the truth about everything including Charlotte’s targeting her it won’t be resolved.

GH Spoilers: A Favor He Can’t Refuse?

Elsewhere, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is talking to Michael Corinthos, (Chad Duell) and he needs a favor that only Michael can do. Since Sonny and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) decided to elope, he likely is asking Michael to be his best man.

Little does Sonny know that Michael has been working to expose the true SEC whistleblower and has an inside track, although at this point Michael isn’t targeting Nina as the culprit.

There has been a definite healing between Michael and Sonny, but how long before everything Nina-related blows up in her and Sonny’s faces?

General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Quartermaine Lets Something Slip

At GH, Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) appears to be sitting in a waiting area near an exam room as Tracy spies him and comes over. She’s genuinely concerned but also genuinely unaware that Chase doesn’t already know about his father’s devastating diagnosis of ALS.

She’s aware, apparently, that Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) knows but Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) hasn’t told Chase, and Finn’s keeping quiet at their father’s request.

Tracy suffers a sudden attack of foot in mouth disease as she asks Chase if he’s all right, and then asks if it’s his father! Chase looks dumbfounded because he has no idea what’s going on with Gregory’s health issues.

GH Spoilers: Serious Trouble

Back at Valentin’s, Charlotte looks like she got caught in the act of another terrorizing targeting of Anna, as Valentin calls Laura Collins (Genie Francis). Laura and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) are still in Europe searching for Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) but rush home right away.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sneaky Surveillance, Serious Trouble, And Setups!

Valentin wisely calls Laura after conferring with Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and tells her he thinks her granddaughter is in some serious trouble!

Perhaps Martin convinces Valentin to call Laura and let her in the loop since Valentin had wanted Martin to keep everything confidential about Charlotte’s problems.

General Hospital Spoilers: Setups

At Ferncliff, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) is in danger as Montague tries to inject her in the arm, this time perhaps with something fatal!

She was brought in after trying to talk Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) into testifying against Montague and she called the police to take her back to Ferncliff.

However, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) followed after Montague was released from questioning at the PCPD and told her everything would be okay and they’d get her out the right way.

There’s a good chance Montague has walked into a setup as someone is watching from the open door to the room in Ferncliff as Sashas screams and struggles. It may be his last stand as a doctor and as a free citizen; is it Dante looking through the doorway?

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