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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam and Elizabeth Commiserate Over Raising Jason’s Sons

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam and Elizabeth Commiserate Over Raising Jason's Sons

General Hospital Spoilers leak Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) have never been very close, but they know how to come together when necessary for the betterment of their children.

They both share the painful scar of having lost Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), too. With Sam growing more concerned by the day about Danny Morgan’s (Asher Antonyzyn) behavior, she may come to rely on Elizabeth for support in the days ahead.

After all, Elizabeth is the only other person with a child with Jason who might be able to shed some light on teenage behavior from her own son that resembles his father’s love for an adrenaline rush. But is this relationship just laying the foundation for problems to arise as Jason heads home next month?

General Hospital Spoilers — Danny is Headed Off the Beaten Path

Sam couldn’t have been more concerned when Danny was dropped off at her door by a police officer on Valentine’s Day — drunk and expressing no remorse for sneaking out of the house.

For whatever reason, this isolated event has spurred serious concern in Sam that her son may be much more like his father than she has previously given him credit for.

Certainly, there are admirable qualities he may have inherited from Jason, but his thrill-seeking behavior was something Sam had hoped skipped a generation.

Despite a rational conversation with her mother, Sam can’t shake the feeling that she has something legitimate to worry about — and she’ll look to Elizabeth to calm or confirm her fears.

GH Spoilers Claim Jake Could Join Him

Elizabeth may not be thinking about Jake Spencer’s (Hudson West) behavior quite as intensely as Sam is about Danny’s, but her next conversation with Sam could have her considering changing her approach.

She didn’t give it much thought when Jake started hanging out with Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez), but now knowing how much trouble Charlotte is in — and how unstable she might be — Elizabeth could grow concerned that Charlotte intrigues Jake for reasons beyond what meets the eye. Has she been overlooking similar behaviors to Danny’s in her own son?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam and Elizabeth Commiserate Over Raising Jason's Sons

General Hospital Spoilers — Jason is Back

When Jason comes back to town, it stands to reason that he’ll be eager to see his sons. But one of both of their mothers may be singing a different tune than the last he saw them.

While it obviously wasn’t Jason’s fault that he’s been away for so long, and Sam was heartbroken over his death, she won’t be jumping for joy that Danny is about to get his father back either.

If Danny has been engaging in risk-taking behavior as a means of being more like his father, but Jason’s return only make him want to emulate him more?

Will Elizabeth start to agree that Jason might be more of a detriment to Jake’s formative years than a benefit? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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