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General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Finds Sonny’s Rat, Earns Forgiveness and Returns to PC and Joss?

General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Finds Sonny’s Rat, Earns Forgiveness and Returns to PC and Joss?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is alive thanks to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) sparing his life after he betrayed him.

Dex was sent off to find a new life far, far away from Port Charles, but many fans want Dex to come back. Here are the reasons why Dex could be back in PC sooner rather than never!

General Hospital spoilers: Dex is Loyal

Dex Heller originally was a plant bought by Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) to get evidence on Sonny that would send him to prison. He got the evidence, but also grew close to Sonny in the process, both professionally and personally.

In the end Michael called off the sting, but then he, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Dex hatched a plan to work to keep Sonny safe behind his back.

So in a way Dex was a very loyal employee. And Sonny values loyalty so it doesn’t make too much sense that he got rid of Dex after he saved his life twice. If Sonny really thought about it he would realize he needs Dex’s loyalty.

GH spoilers: Dex Belongs With Joss

Dex was adamant about not leaving town alive because it would kill him to leave behind Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). Many fans want to see this dramatic relationship play out especially because Joss lost her first love, Oscar (Garren Stint).

Surely Sonny doesn’t want to get in the way of young love? Maybe a few days of having Joss hate on him will convince Sonny to bring back her boyfriend!

General Hospital Spoilers: Dex Finds Sonny’s Rat, Earns Forgiveness and Returns to PC and Joss?

General Hospital spoilers: Dex Doesn’t Give Up

Sonny now knows that Dex was not the rat in his organization trying to undermine and kill him. Dex has shown himself to be a determined and loyal person, what are the chances that he sets out to find the perpetrator himself?

He knows everything about Sonny’s business, so he is in an ideal position to take down the rat.

If Dex did find the evil doer (could it be Brick?!), that would go a long way toward Sonny changing his mind about retaliating against him.

In fact, Sonny wouldn’t be able to ignore the fact that he owes Dex big time. Maybe delivering up the rat would cancel Dex’s demerits and earn him entrée back into Sonny’s world—tell us what you want to happen with Dex GH fans!

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  1. Dee says

    OK that would b a nice way to bring him back or he could find Jason and talk him into saving Sonny and bring him back or dex could find out its Cates and he’s doing it cause of what happened to stone ? can’t wait for it to play out but so longs as they don’t do same no memory for Jason I’ll b cool with it but no more loss memory’s no making him to good to b believed and we just want him back ?

  2. MaggieMay says

    Whatever it takes, Just bring Dex back to Joss.! I love him and I’m finally starting to care about Joss. Especially them as a couple.
    And for gawd sake, we’ve lost Britt, Austin, Spencer, Nick, Esme, Martin, and looks like Gregory and Cyrus is going too! Love them or hate them, they were all a very important part of the GH canvas. PLEASE! Stop erasing our canvas!!!!

  3. Sharon says

    That sounds great! I agree with the story for Dex to find the rat and bring him to Sonny. And, somehow tied into Jason’s return. Through that back-and-forth Dex and Sonny, Joss realizes she is pregnant, or is it too soon for the pregnancy storyline? Anyhoo, Dex and together again, Jason’s return and more involved as to why the betrayal: rat-fink beating! LOL!!

    1. Gammalinda48 says

      Brick is the bad guy, he tried to set up Dex but that didn’t work!! Some where I heard that Jason is programed to be the hitman, and it was Brick & Selina that are behind all this?? Seeing Selina go to Sonny for help is throwing me off so I’m a little confused about her!! I Truly Believe it’s BRICK who’s involved in this big Mess! Brick has been on GH for quite sometime so they had to make his storyline better!! I think Selina & Pikemen approached him offering a Large Sum of money to work for him!! Brick is now dating Jordan, and working her for info. on Pikemen so he can go back and tell them what he found out !! Now I think Selina is afraid she’ll be taken down by Pikemen, who knows ?? I think I’m going overboard, but Brick is working for someone to take Sonny down!!

  4. Louh says

    I want this to end soon. Yes I want Dex back especially if Josh is pregnant. I do hope Jason is not the bad guy. I would love for Dex to hook up with Jason and bring down the bad guy. I hope it’s John.

  5. M.Morris says

    Why does Brick have to be the bad guy? He and Sonny has been friends for a long while now. I agree to bring Dex back but leave Brick to be on Sonny’s side, not his enemy. I dont want Jason—Stone Cold to be the enemy either. After everything thats happened, need to find out who the enemy is and have some fun on GH just for a lil while. IJS…

  6. Angie says

    Dex is a very loyal person and Sunny is so uptight about his marriage with Nina and a rat in his organization that he is not thinking right. Bring back Dex and Jason…..

  7. Joy says

    I truly hope that it’s not Dex or Brick. I’m enjoying the storylines regarding both of them. Plus I believe it’s Jason. I also hope Trina is pregnant as well as Jos.

  8. Vivian D. Jerrells says

    I don’t see how he’s coming back if he taped his last scenes that I read a couple of weeks ago so they’re probably killing Dante off how did you guys miss that?

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