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General Hospital Spoilers: Molly’s Wild Suggestion-GH Meets Sister Wives?

General Hospital Spoilers: Molly’s Wild Suggestion-GH Meets Sister Wives?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Molly Lansing-Davis (Kristen Vaganos) makes a wild suggestion to speed up the surrogacy process.

She suggests bypassing the surrogacy process of embryo implantation, and Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) have sex to make the baby!

General Hospital Spoilers: Can’t Take More Heartbreak

Molly isn’t sure she and TJ can take much more heartbreak, after Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison) lost the first embryo to a miscarriage.

Their fertility doctor told them they’d have to start from square one with all the tests and such they went through with Andrea, and then the implant has to take.

It could take over six months and Kristina’s center is opening soon, they couldn’t expect her to delay it so she can get pregnant!

Molly has an idea to fast track the process but that’s not without it’s risks as well-and isn’t sure either TJ or Kristina would go for it. Molly’s really impatient for a  baby, so why not have TJ and Kristina do it the old-fashioned way-kind of Sister Wives meeting GH, although she doesn’t want the marriage part!

GH Spoilers: An Unconventional Couple, But This Would Really Cap The Stack!

Molly and TJ have always been an unconventional couple, but this would really cap the stack-Molly insisted on a domestic partnership, not believing in traditional marriage.

But that is nowhere near what an open marriage is, with a married or at least committed couple allowing for multiple sexual partners!

General Hospital Spoilers: Molly’s Wild Suggestion-GH Meets Sister Wives?

Yet, Molly could make a case for it being inexpensive and still footing Kristina’s doctor bills without multiple procedures for an embryo implant.

Besides, at this point TJ loves only Molly and is fully committed to her, and Kristina is starting a romance with Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) so neither may agree at first. TJ and Kristina are likely to tell Molly that’s not going to happen-they’ll all just have to be patient.

General Hospital Spoilers: Forced To Consider The Idea?

Spoilers for this arc have revealed that it will be a very messy storyline, but that messy may not be something viewers are ready for! Or, perhaps they would be-GH has never shied away from controversial storylines-think Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura Collins (Genie Francis) at the Campus Disco!

But one way or another, TJ and Kristina may be forced to consider the idea-Kristina is old enough for perimenopause and so time could be of the essence.

One thing for certain-if they do decide to allow this arrangement, it will have to be a secret between only the two sisters and TJ. None of their other family members would approve it and Blaze already knows Kristina’s planning to be Molly and TJ’s surrogate.

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