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General Hospital Spoilers: Milo Not The Same Since Epiphany’s Death, Targets Sonny’s Organization

General Hospital Spoilers: Milo Not The Same Since Epiphany's Death, Targets Sonny's Organization

General Hospital Spoilers indicate that whoever is coming at Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) knows his business inside and out. Milo Giambetti (Drew Chetwood) hasn’t been himself since Epiphany Johnson’s (ex-Sonya Eddie) death. Could Milo be targeting Sonny?

Milo Giambetti Has Always Been Fun Loving

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Milo has always been fun-loving but he was also shy. Milo’s brother Max Giambetti (Derk Chetwood) was always trying to keep him in line and even smacked him over the head a time or two.

Milo was so in love with Epiphany but was terrified to ask her out at first. However, they finally worked things out.

Milo was Magic Milo of “Magic Milo and the Magic Wands” a the Nurse’s Ball several times. Of course, Epiphany loved this and encouraged Milo.

Milo and Epiphany were well-suited and always had a good time together. Unfortunately, all good things must end, Milo and Epiphany eventually broke up and went their separate ways.

GH Spoilers: Milo Giambetti Still Cared About Epiphany Johnson

Milo still cared about Epiphany even though they had separated. Milo and Epiphany had a love that never went away. Milo was devastated when Epiphany died and even returned to Port Charles for her memorial service.

Milo also touched base with Sonny while he was in town as well. Milo was shocked by some of the changes that had occurred since he left town.

Milo worked for Sonny for years and even began dating Epiphany while working for him. Milo knows the workings of Sonny’s business and has also seen the changes since Sonny returned from Nixon Falls.

Milo has also never been in a leadership role in Sonny’s organization. Perhaps Epiphany’s death has caused Milo to look at his life differently.

General Hospital Spoilers: Milo Not The Same Since Epiphany’s Death, Targets Sonny’s Organization

General Hospital Spoilers: Milo Giambetti Wants More Out Of Life

Milo has also been a subordinate in the organization. Milo has also been around to see Sonny at his strongest. Sonny has seemed weak since his return and Milo may have decided to take advantage of that.

After all, Milo is the son of a mob boss as well as working in the mob. Does Milo have what it takes to come at Sonny and take him down?

Perhaps Milo has experienced some sort of mental meltdown since Epiphany’s death. Milo may simply see that the Corinthos Organization has gone downhill in the past few years.

Sonny is far from the King Pin he used to be. Milo’s aspirations could certainly be to bring the organization back to its former glory. Is Milo behind these attacks?

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