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General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Insistent, Knowing Nikolas Is Alive Isn’t Enough

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Insistent, Knowing Nikolas Is Alive Isn’t Enough

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Laura Collins (Genie Francis) will be insistent on finding her son-she’s not giving up the search. For Laura, knowing Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) is alive, isn’t enough-she has to make contact, even though he obviously doesn’t.

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Collins Was Overjoyed There Was Proof

Laura was overjoyed when her old friend banker Hans Muller (uncredited actor) in Geneva, Switzerland was able to provide herself and Kevin proof that Nikolas was making withdrawals there.

They actually barely missed seeing each other, since he came into the bank to make another large withdrawal and Hans guilt-tripped him a little for keeping his survival a secret.

Hans told Nikolas that his mother and her husband had just left and were looking for him, and encouraged him to reach out to her.

While knowing her son is alive, and having the word of her old friend Hans Muller and printed out withdrawal sheets was huge, Laura wants more.

Kevin gently reminds her that everything he’s seeing is that Nikolas doesn’t want to be found, and he’s concerned that Laura is refusing to see that.

GH Spoilers: Heart-To-Heart Talk

Kevin and Laura have a heart-to-heart talk about Nikolas’ refusal to reveal himself to his mother and sons-he actually didn’t even reveal he was alive, the banker did.

Nikolas had left a bread crumb in his bank accounts in Geneva, but whether intentionally or not it’s difficult to say-he may have anticipated their “following the money”.

Laura has no intention of giving up her search, and finally Kevin does give in and agrees to support her in it-but she may experience a painful outcome. For whatever reason, Nikolas has chosen not to reveal his survival, similarly to how he behaved the last time he was presumed dead-and when he did come back, it wasn’t exactly to open arms!

General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Insistent, Knowing Nikolas Is Alive Isn’t Enough

There was finally forgiveness eventually but a few well-deserved slaps in the face as well, for how he’d treated his little boy Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

General Hospital Spoilers: The Intention Was To Keep Searching In Europe

The intention for Laura and Kevin is to keep searching for Nikolas in Europe, but then before they reach their next destination they’re summoned back home.

The call they receive totally upends their plans, because there apparently is a situation where they must return to Port Charles to handle. In the meantime, however Laura’s continuing search for Nikolas turns out, Kevin will be there to love and support her through it even if the news is bad.

But perhaps the banker did get through to Nikolas about reaching out to his mother. He told him to do the right thing, and Nikolas did say he would.

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