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General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Blindsides Elizabeth With An Unexpected Visitor

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) will blindside Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) with an unexpected visitor in an upcoming GH episode!

General Hospital Spoilers – Elizabeth Baldwin May Be Having Post Traumatic Symptoms

Now that Elizabeth has been having treatment in Shadybrook Sanitarium for a few weeks, it is beginning to seem that there may be underlying trauma from the past causing her symptoms. This is coming from way earlier than her teenage rape, and so the intensive therapy she underwent after that didn’t heal everything; Kevin suspected that this went much deeper!

Sleeping pills-induced sleepwalking and lack of memory for that reason should have stopped when the pills moved out of Elizabeth’s system, yet the doctors have noted the symptoms have not. Kevin knows that sometimes it takes someone from the past to trigger the memories to come up and be released; it will not be someone she wants to see.

GH Spoilers – Terry Randolph Doesn’t Remember Elizabeth Baldwin Mentioning Abuse Problems

Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) was Elizabeth’s best friend as a child, but she doesn’t remember Elizabeth mentioning any abuse problems; but Kevin knows that children often hold things in. This could be some type of abuse that happened to Elizabeth when she was much younger than a teenager and she may never have told anyone.

Bringing Terry in to talk about childhood days hasn’t brought anything up, once Elizabeth okayed her to be brought into her treatment loop. Based on Elizabeth’s waking nightmare of a tall, scary figure telling her not to forget him, it is decided to bring someone in that Elizabeth won’t like. Elizabeth never told Terry the source of her animosity towards her parents either, but it seems to be in response to a traumatic incident and not just teenage rebellion.

General Hospital Spoilers – This Will Not Be A Suspected Abuser

This will of course not be a suspected abuser that Kevin brings into Elizabeth’s therapy but it will be someone from her past who knew her as a child. There has to be a reason for the animosity Elizabeth holds against her parents, but she has never said what it was so he has been talking with Elizabeth’s doctors. Kevin is acting as an outside advisor, but he is also skilled in regressive hypnosis and sometimes a trigger person is helpful in that process.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kevin Blindsides Elizabeth With An Unexpected Visitor

Against Elizabeth’s wishes but who may be a key to her past trauma, Kevin has called in her father Jeff Webber (last played by Jeffrey Dean Anderson). Elizabeth may have tried to tell her or her mother something and couldn’t explain it where they understood; she would have thought she’d been ignored.

GH Spoilers – This Is Explained To Elizabeth That Her Father Is An Adjunct To Therapy

Elizabeth hasn’t seen her parents in years and it’s explained to her that her father is coming in as an adjunct to therapy to get to the root of her problems. She seems to be manifesting classic symptoms of a childhood traumatic incident, perhaps an attack by a sexual predator – if she told her parents they may not have understood.

Childhood sexual abuse of a very young child is difficult to pick up on with no severe physical injury, but there will be nightmares and a toddler may talk about monsters. Since Terry doesn’t remember her saying anything it may have been pre-Terry and even though Elizabeth understands, she’s still blindsided to see Jeff after all these years!

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  1. Nanlee says

    I really hope all goes well for Elizabeth..Seeing her Father will bring her issues out …Great story line on Trauma ,sexually abused children to educate people …what to look for,and to be able to help a child, a family member ,friend get help…..Gh has touch on so many illness and awareness..A Good Thing….

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